Why the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the essential portable power station for your home

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(Pocket-lint) - Powering your own home isn't an option these days. But in a world where the weather can turn in an instant, it can be a factor that we have to deal with. And even if you live somewhere that never has these worries, perhaps you want to make sure of the source of your electricity for your home, ensuring its ecological footprint. Either way, it's about having peace of mind about knowing where your electricity is coming from.

Enter the EcoFlow DELTA Pro. This portable power station for your home is an alternative to a fossil fuel generator that can help keep your home powered. It's part of a whole ecosystem of Smart Extra Batteries, Solar Trackers, Solar Panels, Smart Power Station, and a Smart Home Panel that can combine to provide you with an alternative to powering your home. Depending on which setup you decide on, you can easily power most of your home on a daily basis, or the entire home for a short period of time.


Why the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the essential portable power station for your home

All about the battery

So, what makes the DELTA Pro special? Well, it's all about the battery. The Pro model marks the largest battery that EcoFlow has ever offered, with a capacity of 3.6kWh.

Now, this can be expanded if you like. The whole DELTA Pro range is made to work as a cohesive unit. It's super easy to add on extra Smart Batteries to expand the power available, all the way to 25kWh. At 25kWh, you can expect to run an average-sized home for a number of days, or a week at emergency use.

The DELTA Pro is based on an LFP battery, meaning it has an amazing 6500+ cycles on offer. So, that's quite a few years of life if you charge it every day. Batteries decrease in capacity over time, but only after those 6500 charges will you reach 50% capacity.

There's a built-in battery management system for real-time temperature, voltage, and current analysis to always make sure your battery is running efficiently.

Perhaps best of all, though, is that the DELTA Pro is the first home battery to be able to harness a number of different power sources, including wind, gas, solar, and the mains power grid.


Why the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the essential portable power station for your home

An ecosystem that works for you

If you think about fossil fuel generators, all you get is a single item that makes a whole load of noise, pollution, and a limited amount of power. 

Now, take EcoFlow's DELTA Pro portable power station, and you can remove the noise, smell, pollution, and add in a host of additional power units to boost the output. Tech has really come along, and this is one place where it's making our oil-based past seem silly.

Above, we mentioned the potential to expand the DELTA Pro's capacity to 25kWh. This is through additional units and Smart Extra Batteries.

There's plenty more than can be added on, though. The coolest by far is a Solar Tracker, which literally tracks the sun in the sky to maintain the most efficient energy absorption. You can also connect it to EcoFlow's own Solar Panels, as well as third party brands.

If you want to create an ecosystem based around the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, then the Smart Home Panel is a must-have. It allows you full control over where the power is coming from, going, and how much you're using. It makes the integration of the DELTA Pro and its additions into your home super simple.


Why the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the essential portable power station for your home

All your power needs

The one place that fossil fuels have a slight edge over battery tech is in the speed at which it can refuel - on in the case of batteries, recharge. But luckily, that's pretty much negligible nowadays.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro makes sure this is further reduced, supporting the fastest charging in the industry. Through EV charging, it will allow for 3000W charging. If you want to go a step further, you can connect it to multiple charging ports, like a 240v outlet, Solar Panels, and a Smart Power Station to achieve 6500W.

If you just combined a 240v outlet and Solar Panel, this means you can get the DELTA Pro and Extra Battery from zero to fully charged in only 2.7 hours. But then you have a fair bit more than 2.7 hours of power to use.


Why the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the essential portable power station for your home

Powerful enough for even the most demanding

EcoFlow's newest DELTA Pro model is currently only available through Kickstarter. It's smashed through its goal with a number of weeks left, so isn't short of interest.

The Kickstarter price for the unit is $2999. If you don't get a chance to pick one up on Kickstarter, then the retail price is $3599. You'll be able to find one on EcoFlow's website. It's still a great price for an excellent product, so worth checking out.

If peace of mind is what you want, then the EcoFlow DELTA Pro delivers. Just make sure to get in fast to enjoy the savings.

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