Welups Blockchain (WELUPS) can hit $1 by 2024 – But there are still many risks ahead

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Welups Blockchain (WELUPS) bills itself as an alternative blockchain designed to inspire innovation within its ecosystem. The project is also linked to the Omanee ecosystem and was founded a few months ago in Dubai. Although it is still relatively unknown, some analysts are predicting a big rally in the coming years. Here are some highlights:

Right now, Welups Blockchain (WELUPS) is trading at around $0.001008 with a market cap of $45 million.

Some analysts think that the coin can hit $1 by the end of 2024, a nearly 1000x growth rate.

But as with many relatively new projects, there are still many risks towards that goal down the line.

Data Source: Coinmarketcap

Welups Blockchain (WELUPS) – The road to $1

There are several factors that make analysts optimistic about Welups Blockchain (WELUPS). First, the token has not yet been listed in some of the major exchanges in the world. In the past, we have actually seen coins get a decent bump in the price with such listings. 

Besides, the Welups Blockchain is in fact working on a wide range of key upgrades designed to attract developers towards its ecosystem. Also, after the recent crypto market sell-off, Welups Blockchain (WELUPS) appears to have bottomed. It can only go up from here, especially when you consider that there is improved sentiment in the market.

Is Welups Blockchain (WELUPS) worth your money?

The people who have made huge amounts of money in crypto are those who bought early. Many crypto projects will come in the future, and many will go. But if you can just get in early enough and wait for the project to explore, then you will earn the rewards. 

Welups Blockchain (WELUPS) offers that unique opportunity for early bird investors. With a market cap of just $45 million, this coin has all the potential to expand so much further than it is today.

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