‘We Need To Face It, We Need To Fix It,’ Miami Beach City Leaders Hold Special Hearing To Address Recent Crime Wave

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – As a troubling signifier of convulsive transgression weighs down Miami Beach, metropolis leaders called a peculiar proceeding Thursday to effort to assistance up residents.

“Our residents are fed up. They conscionable deliberation this country has go excessively overmuch of a magnet for the benignant of misbehavior that they don’t privation to enactment up with and frankly makes them consciousness unsafe,” said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber.

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Nerves are inactive frayed, conscionable a small implicit 2 weeks aft Colorado tourist, Dustin Wakefield, was gunned down successful wide daylight astatine an Ocean Drive restaurant. The 21-year-old dada was changeable respective times, protecting his one-year-old lad from a slayer who confessed to the crime, saying helium was precocious connected psychedelic mushrooms.

“I cried. I virtually cried,” said Steven Meiner, commissioner.

“I deliberation it mightiness person been the straw that broke the camel’s back. This occupation has been getting progressively worse,” said Michael Gongora, commissioner

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The peculiar proceeding comes 1 week aft Miami Beach’s City Manager Alina Hudak sent a missive to the committee outlining a program of action.

That program included adding 40 constabulary officers to the blistery spots successful South Beach, arsenic good arsenic deploying 10 different Miami-Dade constabulary officers to the amusement territory each play for the remainder of the year.

“The connection is we are a metropolis of zero tolerance erstwhile it comes to crime. We privation you to person fun, but travel the law,” said Gongora.

He called for the peculiar hearing, on with Commissioner Meiner, who wants to spot these 3 things hap close away: High-level constabulary visibility connected foot, zero tolerance and enforcing each the laws.

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“We person a problem, and we request to look it and we request to hole it,” added Gongora.

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