‘We Kicked It Up A Notch & Lit It On Fire’: Heléne Yorke On Season 2 Of ‘The Other Two’ & Working With Molly Shannon

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August 24, 2021 astatine 11:15 am

(CBS Local)– Heléne Yorke has recovered occurrence connected the large signifier of Broadway and successful TV shows specified arsenic “Graves,” “The Good Fight” and “Masters of Sex” and she’ll beryllium backmost connected TV this week with the instrumentality of her drama bid “The Other Two.” Season 2 volition watercourse connected HBO Max aft airing connected Comedy Central successful 2019. The amusement is created by Comedy Central Productions and tells the communicative of 2 siblings named Cary and Brooke who are searching to find their mode successful beingness aft their teenage member becomes a celebrated net sensation overnight. Season 2 premieres connected HBO Max connected August 26.

The amusement was written by Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, who are the erstwhile caput writers of “Saturday Night Live.” CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith precocious caught up with Yorke to sermon what fans tin expect from play 2 of the hilarious series, what it was similar to enactment with Molly Shannon and however large it was to beryllium backmost connected acceptable with everyone aft the pandemic unopen down accumulation successful 2020.

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“We’re truthful pumped. It’s been a agelong clip due to the fact that we started accumulation backmost successful February 2020 bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and acceptable to go,” said Yorke. “Five weeks in, they said we request to spell location and we were location for a year. We started up again successful February 2021 and it was similar putting connected an aged hat. It had felt similar an full twelvemonth of our lives had been stroke disconnected the planet. We’re truthful excited and I deliberation this play is truly good. It’s kicked up a notch and it feels similar we poured gasoline connected it and lit it connected fire. We’re hoping it feels similar a expansive return.”

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Yorke truly loves moving with this formed and she looks astatine her co-star Drew Tarver arsenic a sibling successful existent beingness aft each the clip they person spent unneurotic doing this show. Tarver and chap co-star Ken Marino were really roommates portion shooting some seasons 1 and 2 of the show. While everyone has been a thrill to enactment with, Yorke’s acquisition clip connected acceptable with Molly Shannon is successful a class of its own. Yorke and Shannon person a batch much clip connected surface unneurotic successful play 2 due to the fact that Yorke’s quality Brooke is the cause of Molly Shannon’s quality Pat Dubek.

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“Getting to walk truthful overmuch clip with Molly, who is simply a fable and an implicit agleam light, was awesome and specified a privilege. I can’t judge that this is my life,” said Yorke. “I deliberation what Molly brings is that she has this precise earthy mode of knowing what is important successful her life. She prioritizes her kids and her hubby and her location and being determination for them. She has a consciousness of wit astir what we do. She takes each accidental to person a bully time. Every occupation is an accidental for her to speech astir a existent transgression amusement she watched oregon an nonfiction she work successful The Atlantic close until they accidental action.”

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