‘We Embrace Our Messy Moments’: Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, Tori Spelling, Adam Rippon & Teddy Ray Preview MTV’s ‘Messyness’

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August 23, 2021 astatine 12:40 pm

(CBS Local)– Another spin-off of the deed bid “Ridiculousness” is coming to MTV and this amusement features immoderate of the biggest names successful Hollywood. “Jersey Shore” prima Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, “90210” mainstay Tori Spelling, Olympian Adam Rippon and comedian Teddy Ray prima successful “Messyness,” which premieres Monday, August 23 astatine 7pm EST/PST connected MTV.

The celebrities volition sermon the messiest moments of their lives and careers and volition besides remark connected the astir insane clips from the internet. Everything from awkward proposals to nights gone incorrect volition beryllium featured connected the amusement with hilarious commentary from the sheet of celebrities. CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith precocious chatted with Polizzi, Spelling, Rippon and Ray astir the caller bid and what it’s similar erstwhile the nationalist witnesses the messiest moments of your life.

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“I deliberation with this amusement it is simply a batch much messy and I emotion being wholly existent astir brainsick things that hap successful our lives,” said Polizzi. “I consciousness similar a batch of radical ever effort and beryllium cleanable and they shy distant from talking astir the messiest moments successful their lives, but successful this amusement we clasp it and observe it. We besides speech astir our messy moments, which is insane. I consciousness similar that is the champion portion of the show.”

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“We each person messy moments and I deliberation if radical accidental they don’t, they are lying,” said Spelling. “It conscionable makes you truthful overmuch much relatable and radical tin subordinate to you truthful overmuch amended if you accidental this is everything and this is me. I’m definite aft this amusement I volition ne'er get formed arsenic a Disney ma and that’s okay. This amusement is 1000% maine and the utmost other of Donna Martin. While she is simply a portion of me, I person a soiled rima and I person truly amusive and utmost stories. I decidedly clasp them connected this show.”

“The astir breathtaking happening that I’m blessed to stock with everyone is conscionable however good we each get along,” said Rippon. “I emotion making everybody laughter and everybody makes maine laughter truthful hard. I deliberation 1 of the champion parts astir this full amusement is that we get to ticker each of these clips and they’re precise comic and we get to gag connected them. The backmost and distant betwixt everyone kills me. Teddy makes maine laughter truthful hard, Tori has these unthinkable stories, evidently Nicole is truthful comic and that’s my favourite part. It’s the astir fun.”

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“Usually my co-workers are comedians and I was unsure what this would beryllium and I rapidly realized these radical are conscionable arsenic truthful and honorable arsenic comedians, said Ray. “They fto you successful and it is intimacy erstwhile it comes to what we are doing. We benignant of person to fto you successful to our downsides and our sides wherever we don’t consciousness arsenic cute and don’t consciousness truthful acceptable to beryllium seen. It’s moments similar that that marque you truly relatable and connects people. Everybody ain’t Beyonce, but everybody tin beryllium Snooki.”

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