Viral Video: Teens Flee As Young Black Bear Strolls Through Twin Cities Neighborhood

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Centerville’s Cottonwood Court, a vicinity successful suburban Minnesota, looked much similar Pooh Corner past week. A young achromatic carnivore retired for a stroll gave immoderate teenagers rather a scare.

Hailey Nelson, 17, and Dori Arndt, 15, were doing immoderate gardening Tuesday day extracurricular the location of person Hailey Nyberg, 17. As Nelson worked, she thought she saw Nyberg’s canine locomotion by successful the country of her eye.

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“We wanted money, truthful we decided to spell propulsion immoderate weeds and we’re conscionable pulling immoderate weeds, conscionable talking, listening to immoderate music, crook our heads and it’s conscionable a achromatic lab,” Nelson said.

A camera successful 1 of the Nyberg’s beforehand windows captured the infinitesimal erstwhile the realization kicked in: That’s not the household dog.

“It was a bear!” Nelson said.

Nelson and Arndt sprung up successful panic and made a beeline for the beforehand door. But determination was a flimsy occupation — it was locked.

“So I’m pounding connected the doorway saying, ‘Let america in!’ Screaming our heads off, conscionable wanting to get inside! Then [Hailey Nyberg] pokes her caput astir the corner,” Nelson said.

(credit: Brian Nyberg)

Dad Brian Nyberg pulled Nelson and Arndt inside, earlier informing his girl to instrumentality cover.

“I heard them screaming and my dada came extracurricular and is conscionable like, ‘Why are you inactive retired here? A carnivore conscionable walked walk our … beforehand yard!’ I’m conscionable like, ‘What?’” Hailey Nyberg said. “And past he’s conscionable like, ‘Get inside!’”

Brian says helium figured the girls were being swarmed by bees erstwhile helium archetypal heard their screams.

“I deliberation some Hailey and I, we heard the screaming, we some thought, you know, they possibly got into a yellowish overgarment nest,” Brian said. “They were conscionable terrified, screaming, and the pounding connected the doorway was truthful fast.”

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The Nybergs accidental aft watching the footage, they were amused by Nelson’s and Arndt’s priorities portion fleeing danger.

From near to right: Hailey Nyberg, Hailey Nelson and Dori Arndt (credit: CBS)

“I deliberation it was comic that the archetypal happening Dori went for was her h2o vessel [laughs]!” Hailey Nyberg said. “She couldn’t deliberation astir thing other but her h2o bottle!”

“They some grabbed their phones,” Brian said. “You can’t permission your phones retired there.”

Brian says the carnivore appeared to beryllium a juvenile that whitethorn beryllium 1-and-a-half-years old, and astir doubly the size of their 80-pound achromatic Labrador Retriever.

“[The bear] picked up the gait a little, but you tin spot helium kinda turned its caput and looked astatine the girls screaming erstwhile they got up,” Brian said.

He says helium was disquieted erstwhile the carnivore started walking towards Main Street and County Road 14.

“A mates times … it turned backmost and caput towards our yard, past it wanted to spell implicit Main Street, and determination was a batch of postulation astatine that time,” helium said.

The carnivore alternatively started making its mode done the neighborhood’s backyards, earlier disappearing into nature.

(credit: Brian Nyberg)

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says bears are usually mislaid and searching for nutrient erstwhile they rotation into residential neighborhoods. Black bears typically devour berries, which are scarce this summertime owed to the drought. If you brushwood a bear, the DNR says you should permission it alone, springiness it space, and fto it find its ain mode retired of the area. They besides counsel removing birdfeeders and trash from yards, and to show pets erstwhile they’re outdoors.

Hailey, Hailey and Dori are delighted that the video has gone viral, racking up much than 30,000 views connected WCCO’s Instagram page successful a substance of hours.

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“The looks connected their faces arsenic they were running, benignant of priceless,” Brian said.

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