Video: Hostess At Popular NYC Restaurant Carmine’s Attacked After Asking Tourists For Vax Proof

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September 17, 2021 astatine 10:50 am

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Tourists from Texas attacked a hostess astatine a fashionable New York City edifice aft constabulary accidental they were asked to amusement impervious of vaccination. It happened Thursday evening astatine Carmine’s connected the Upper West Side. Now, 3 radical are facing charges.

As WCBS-TV’s Natalie Duddridge reports, this is precisely what immoderate edifice owners feared erstwhile enforcement of the city’s vaccine mandate took effect Monday. Staff expected to look pushback and hostility from unvaccinated customers, but not a full-blown battle similar this.

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Cellphone video shows respective women progressive successful a scuffle that astir knocks implicit the hostess booth astatine Broadway and West 90th Street. The NYPD said the 24-year-old hostess was punched, slapped, and pushed aft she asked the radical for impervious of vaccination, a new metropolis argumentation to dine indoors.

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Police said 3 women from Texas — a 44-year-old, her 21-year-old daughter, and a 49-year-old — became enraged and adjacent yanked disconnected the victim’s necklace during the assault.

The hostess declined aesculapian attraction connected the country and is expected to beryllium OK. Her attackers were taken into custody and fixed table quality tickets.

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The New York City Hospitality Alliance issued a connection connected behalf of Carmine’s, saying successful part:

“It’s a shocking and tragic concern erstwhile 1 of our valued employees is assaulted for doing their occupation – arsenic required by metropolis policies – and trying to marque a living. Our absorption close present is caring for our worker and the remainder of our edifice family. We are a family-style restaurant, and this is the implicit past acquisition immoderate of our employees should ever endure and immoderate customers witness.”

The enactment called connected the metropolis and authorities to summation penalties for assaulting edifice workers enforcing COVID protocols. It besides said Mayor Bill de Blasio indispensable bash a amended occupation making visitors alert of the city’s vaccine paper policy.

Restaurant owners who bash not comply with the mandate tin look fines starting astatine $1,000.

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The metropolis offered grooming for edifice workers connected however to grip unruly customers, but galore unit accidental they request much help.

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