Video Helps Identify Accused Porch Pirate In Fort Lauderdale, Suspect May Be Part Of Organized Ring

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – While Dijon Cameron and his woman were enjoying themselves astatine a party, a structure pirate was extracurricular their beforehand door.

“When we looked astatine the Ring we recovered idiosyncratic really taking our packages that was dropped disconnected earlier that time and leaving with it,” said Dijon.

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Just similar that, 2 packages were snatched from the Cameron’s beforehand structure successful the Melrose Park vicinity of Fort Lauderdale.

“I felt a spot violated erstwhile I saw that happening,” Dijon added.

He was determined to find retired who did this and the fishy made it precise easy.

She was wearing her enactment azygous and apron with her garment giving Dijon and constabulary each they needed to know.

“I did a Google hunt connected what I could work disconnected the azygous and observed it was a edifice that was not excessively acold from here,” helium said.

Police archer america aft a speedy travel to the business, they identified the suspect. And they judge she’s done this before.

“We besides judge she’s progressive successful aggregate different bundle thefts present successful our city,” said Fort Lauderdale Police Spokeswoman Casey Liening.

Dijon has been doing detective enactment arsenic well. He recovered doorbell video showing different instances erstwhile packages were snatched, wherever we spot what appears to beryllium the aforesaid SUV, perchance a bluish Toyota Rav 4, with a full of 3 antithetic people.

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“We judge it’s portion of a overmuch bigger organized transgression ringing wherever they whitethorn beryllium pursuing the transportation trucks and snatching those packages earlier the homeowner adjacent has a accidental to instrumentality them wrong their home,” Liening said.

Police are urging different victims to travel guardant to assistance physique their case. The fishy is facing burglary and petit theft charges.

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