Veterans Mental Health Resources Offered After Afghanistan Takeover

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Veterans crossed the state who served successful Afghanistan are experiencing galore emotions since the autumn of Kabul, and the Veterans Crisis Hotline said it’s seeing much calls from those feeling the impact.

Jeff Hurley enlisted successful the Army a fewer months earlier the September 11th attacks and served until 2013.

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Hurley said helium feels America fto down the radical of Afghanistan.

“We person perfectly and wholly abandoned the Afghan people. The radical that talk to your heart, those that can’t combat for themselves, the women, the children.”

Dr. Caitlin Thompson with Cohen Veterans Network says veterans experiencing a scope of emotions are reaching retired successful numbers.

She said they are feeling grief and anger.

“There’s a batch of sadness. There’s a batch of fear, anxiety. There’s besides immoderate fearfulness that they failed their mission. And they’re acrophobic that radical are besides looking astatine them and thinking, you know, what did you bash this full time, which I deliberation is devastating,” Dr. Thompson said.

The Department of Defense is reminding veterans what is happening present does not minimize oregon negate their service.

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The DOD is besides encouraging veterans to instrumentality vantage of intelligence wellness resources.

“If you bash person a seasoned oregon a subject household member, conscionable say, hey, I conscionable privation to admit that things indispensable beryllium truly hard successful presumption of however you’re doing close now. And I americium present for you and I’m acceptable to speech immoderate clip you are. And I tin assistance find resources if you request them,” said Dr. Thompson.

Retired Sergeant Major John Plasse served 2 tours successful Afghanistan.

He encourages those struggling to scope out.

“So, possibly successful their mind, I’m going to springiness up too. Well delight don’t bash that,” helium says. “Please question assistance and it’s not a motion of weakness by immoderate means. It’s a motion of strength.”

And intelligence wellness professionals privation veterans to cognize they are not unsocial successful what they are feeling.

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You tin scope the Veterans Crisis Hotline by calling 1-800-273-8255 and pressing 1, texting 838255, oregon you tin chat online here. Team

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