Trump Terrorist Surrenders In DC After Authorities Cut Off His Live Stream

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A Trump-inspired terrorist who claimed to have a bomb outside of the Library of Congress has turned himself in after law enforcement cut off his Facebook live stream.

Trump Inspires A New Act Of Terror in Washington, DC


Trump terrorist who claimed to have a bomb in DC turns himself in after law enforcement cuts off his Facebook live stream.


NBC’s Pete Williams reported:

Clearly, he wanted attention, it would appear, because he parked the car up there, and called 911 himself. So, you know, he wanted this attention, and they cut off his Facebook feed at system point, and he was live broadcasting, talking, and showing video from his cell phone for a time today on Facebook. Facebook cut that off. So that may have been another factor that led him simply to decide to give up on his own.

And as the chief just said, he didn’t resist and we took him into custody and he is now in the capitol police custody. The chief said they identified him pretty early on with this and I.d.ed him quickly and he said in the Facebook rant that he had trouble getting health care for himself and his wife and this is one of the things that led him to be upset about the government, and he had a lot of other anti-government rhetoric and that is what the chief was referring to in the remarks there, and the fortunate thing is that the patience of the authorities paid off here, and he simply turned himself in. 

How Many More Terrorist Attacks Will Trump Inspire?

It is great that this person peacefully surrendered, but the insurrection that Trump started on January 6 hasn’t ended. In the Library of Congress case, the suspect was calling for President Biden to resign during his Facebook live stream.

Trump is no longer in office, but he is still fueling the domestic terror threat by repeating his lies about the 2020 election. Fox News owns some responsibility as well because they continue to give Donald Trump airtime. 

Today’s Trump terrorist only wanted attention. Next time, the nation might not be so lucky, which is why Trump and his domestic terror cell disguised as a political movement need to be held accountable.

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