They’re Back! Love Bugs Invade Florida Once Again

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — They’re back. Lovebugs. The sanction sounds cute, but the bizarre insects are thing but erstwhile they bombard your car connected the road oregon erstwhile they get successful your hairsbreadth oregon crawl each implicit your body.

The prolific pests are ever around, but are astatine the worst during 2 circumstantial mating seasons. Once successful the Spring, from April to May and past again successful precocious summer, August to September.

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Lovebugs emotion Florida due to the fact that of its warm, humid climate.

They’re astir progressive betwixt 10am and 6pm. They mate successful formation for hours, with 1 bug flying forward, the different backward.

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They don’t wound and are harmless, but to your vehicle’s overgarment occupation if not washed disconnected quickly.

Did you cognize if you person emotion bug guts dripping down your car, you tin usage a dryer expanse to hitch the bug residue off.

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