‘The Price Is Right’ Celebrates 50th Season With Weeklong Celebration On CBS

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(CBS) – Daytime Emmy Award-winning The Price Is Right, web television’s #1-rated daytime bid and the longest-running crippled amusement successful tv history, celebrates its milestone 50th play with a weeklong lawsuit featuring a crippled each time wherever contestants tin triumph up to 1 cardinal dollars, opening Monday, September 13th (11:00 AM-12:00 PM, ET/10:00-11:00 AM, PT) connected CBS. In addition, a peculiar primetime solemnisation of The Price Is Right commemorating the historical milestone volition diagnostic a look backmost astatine the biggest winners, ne'er earlier seen outtakes and a salute to Bob Barker. Plus, contestants volition travel connected down to play iconic pricing games for extravagant luxury cars and large currency prizes, Thursday, September 30th (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) connected the CBS Television Network. This season, the amusement volition invited fans backmost to the workplace assemblage for a accidental to perceive the famed words “come connected down!” The episodes volition besides beryllium disposable to watercourse unrecorded and connected request connected the CBS app and Paramount+.

“First, I privation to say congratulations and convey you to each the fantastic radical responsible, past and present, connected the 50th play of “The Price Is Right,” said Bob Barker, erstwhile legendary big of The Price Is Right. “The amusement has the astir enthusiastic and amusive assemblage that 1 could ever inquire for. They genuinely were and are the bosom and psyche of the show. I had the pleasance of moving with a dedicated and talented formed and unit for 35 large years. Particularly adjacent to my bosom was the quality our immense popularity gave maine to punctual our full assemblage regular astir the value of spaying and neutering your pets. It was an incredibly memorable ride! Once again, congratulations to “The Price Is Right” connected 50 historical years!! Here’s to 50 more!!”

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The Price Is Right premiered Sept. 4, 1972 with famed big Bob Barker. Since then, determination person been 108 pricing games played implicit the people of the show’s history, and the daytime premiere week volition grant the lasting bequest with 2 caller games, including a peculiar limited-edition crippled that volition lone beryllium played passim the 50th season, implicit with a retro ‘70s look, “Back to ‘72.” In the game, contestants’ pricing skills volition beryllium tested connected existent items that appeared connected the amusement during the aboriginal years of its tally connected CBS. Drew Carey was named the big of the amusement successful July of 2007.

“Hosting ‘The Price Is Right’ has been a imagination occupation for me,” said Drew Carey, existent big of The Price Is Right. “And I can’t adjacent telephone it a occupation with a consecutive look due to the fact that I get specified joyousness retired of it. Imagine spending each workday surrounded by happy, affirmative strangers. It’s been amazing. I truly ne'er thought my harmless abstraction would beryllium connected a dependable stage, wearing a mic, cameras connected maine constantly, and with millions of radical watching. But that’s what ‘The Price Is Right’ is for me. I emotion it.”

The Price Is Right amusive facts:

·         Since 1972, implicit $300,000,000 successful currency and prizes has been fixed away.

·        The Price Is Right has fixed distant much than 8,400 cars.

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·         More than 2,000,000 assemblage members person been to the Bob Barker workplace astatine Television City successful Los Angeles to spot a taping successful person.

·         Over 68,000 contestants person been told to “come connected down!”

·         The archetypal pricing crippled to ever beryllium played was “Any Number.” It offered a Chevrolet Vega worthy $2,746, which became the archetypal car ever fixed distant connected the show.

·         The large instrumentality has been spun much than 63,000 times.

·         Number of kids who person stayed location from schoolhouse to ticker the show: excessively galore to count!

Are you a immense instrumentality of the The Price Is Right? Does the amusement clasp peculiar meaning for you? Fans are invited to taxable videos of what The Price Is Right means to them for a accidental to spot themselves connected TV. More info here. Videos tin beryllium submitted to PriceIsRightFans@gmail.com.

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The Price Is Right, web television’s #1-rated daytime bid and the longest-running crippled amusement successful tv history, is produced by Fremantle and broadcast weekdays (11:00 AM-12:00 PM, ET/10:00-11:00 AM, PT). Drew Carey is the host. Evelyn Warfel serves arsenic enforcement producer.

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