The Feds Are Coming For Steve Bannon With 3 Prosecutors And 4 FBI Agents On The Case

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The Department of Justice is not messing around with Steve Bannon as three prosecutors, and four FBI agents are working his contempt of Congress case.

Scott MacFarlane of CBS News tweeted:

Per new court filing from defense, there are now three federal prosecutors and four FBI agents handling the Contempt of Congress case against Steve Bannon

Trial set for mid-summer

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) February 4, 2022

A trial date of midsummer likely means that a potential Bannon conviction will happen before the midterm election. The amount of resources that the DOJ is deploying on the Bannon case is a sign that they are taking the contempt of Congress charge seriously.

The Justice Department isn’t putting in this much work because they expect Bannon to take a plea, or they don’t think the case is a priority.

Steve Bannon has continued to reveal through statements that he has made on his podcast that he is an ongoing threat to democracy.

The DOJ is taking the 1/6 Committee’s power seriously, and it will help America get the whole story of the Trump coup plot if a strong message is sent that the Justice Department has the Committee’s back.

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