Taste Of The Town: Impeccable French Cuisine At Le Zoo In Bal Harbour

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BAL HARBOUR (CBSMiami) — Bal Harbour Shops is an iconic manner mecca featuring immoderate of the biggest names successful luxury retail. Set successful an open-air mall, this renowned, planetary buying destination features a fistful of restaurants that are ever buzzing with shoppers, tourists, and locals alike.

Just similar CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo, who visits often, including 1 of her favourite eating spots, Le Zoo.

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It’s a French bistro serving up each sorts of delicious dishes from the Mediterranean.

“Every clip I travel here, whether I’m sitting extracurricular oregon inside, it is precise French,” said Petrillo.

“It’s the look of a Parisian-style bistro. The extracurricular seating is precise patio-esque similar the French cafés,” said Executive Chef Julian Alexander Baker.

Baker says there’s truly thing for each palate and terms scope present astatine this family-friendly French-inspired Bistro.

“We similar to accidental that Le Zoo is approachable. We person our mussels, our burger, the dishes which you tin travel and person 1 crockery and beryllium precise satisfied, oregon you tin take 3 oregon 4 courses and truly acquisition what we do,” helium explained.

During COVID shutdowns, Le Zoo was closed for 6 weeks. Upon reopening, concern instantly boomed, and it hasn’t stopped.

Back successful the kitchen, cook Baker works his magic preparing the tasting dishes.

Truffle Pizza (CBS4)

It begins with truffle pizza with achromatic truffle, fontina food and egg.

“There’s a brackish and a savory. The ovum does springiness it a richness and I emotion the bladed crust,” said Petrillo.

“It’s beauteous awesome and the substance of those cheeses is fantastic,” said cook Baker.

They taste an elegant cold, caller salmon tartare with chives and shallots earlier diving into a posh pasta dish.

Tagliolini (CBS4)

It’s Tagliolini with summertime truffles, food sauce, and parmesan.

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“It’s melt successful your mouth, decadent. The cleanable magnitude of al dente-ness,” said Petrillo laughing.

“I ever consciousness erstwhile you devour a pasta you shouldn’t spell location feeling blameworthy oregon feeling heavy,” explained cook Baker.

Next up, Lisa’s favourite dish:

Mussells from Le Zoo (CBS4)

Moules Frites oregon mussels with achromatic wine, herbs lemon, garlic, and butter.

“You tin conscionable support eating and eating it and there’s a citrus spirit successful the sauce. I tin sensation the butter, but it’s not buttery tasting. It’s light.  I don’t adjacent request to cognize astir the food due to the fact that I don’t privation the guilt,” Petrillo said.

At the extremity of the meal, comes the delicious dessert.

Profiteroles (CBS4)

Profiteroles with praline, vanilla crystal cream, and melted bittersweet chocolate, which is precise shareable.

Le Zoo is unfastened 7 days a week for luncheon and meal brunch connected the weekends. For much info: www.lezoo.com


  • 120g fresh pasta tagliolini
  • 3 fl. oz chickenhearted broth
  • 5 ml achromatic truffle lipid (half for finishing)
  • 5g truffle paste oregon puree
  • 55g unsalted butter
  • 2 g salt
  • 15g grated parmesan


Cook the pasta successful salted water.

In a abstracted pan, melt unneurotic the food with the chickenhearted stock, truffle oil, truffle paste and the cheese. Once the pasta is cooked adhd to the sauce, play with the salt. Work unneurotic the pasta successful the condiment adding a small cooking h2o if needed.

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Once plated adhd the shaved truffles and further Parmigiano arsenic desired.

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