Taste Of The Town: Buya Izakaya + Yakitori Serving Up Delicious Japanese Soul Food In Wynwood

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Buya Izakaya + Yakitori is described arsenic a Japanese psyche nutrient eatery and barroom close successful the bosom of Wynwood.

Buya, which means “small fire,” is owned by the squad that founded KYU, a well-known blistery spot besides successful Wynwood.

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General Manager Felipe Ojeda explains the Izakaya and Yakitori concept.

“An Izakaya is fundamentally similar a casual drinking constitution successful Japan, they’re truly fashionable successful and astir Tokyo,” explained Ojeda to CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo portion toasting sake.

Felipe describes the pub benignant look and nutrient as both amusive and disconnected beat.

“It’s a tiny place, truly casual, you tin get large drinks large food. The yakitori broadside of it is simply a small spot much focused connected the thoroughfare nutrient oregon the psyche nutrient of Japan. So, it’s not sushi, not hibachi. This is skewered food,” helium said.

The look is edgy and chill wherever stone and rotation meets downtown.

“If you see, there’s benignant of similar breached tiles and each of these posters and worldly connected the walls. The thought was for her to look similar an abandoned subway station,” helium explained.


“So, erstwhile you look astatine the partition posters, you’ve got The Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, a small Led Zeppelin, aged Aerosmith posters. So, it’s meant to springiness you that stone ‘n’ rotation consciousness to it,” helium said.

The antheral down the magic successful the kitchen, is larger than the beingness enforcement cook Zach West who stands 6’ 7” tall.

Petrillo starts her tasting with cook West with his Tempura Beech Mushroom with bulb ash and Tokyo ranch sauce.

Tempura Beech Mushroom (CBS4)

“I emotion the sensation of chard and burned onion. It’s truly delicious,” said West.

“Really delicious,” said Petrillo.” It’s truthful unique. It’s hearty. This is similar it could beryllium a airy lunch.”

“That’s our fig 1 seller. People can’t get capable of it,” helium said.

Next up was chickenhearted and scallion yakitori.

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“This is simply a classical for immoderate izakaya oregon yakitori spot. It’s the chickenhearted thigh,” helium explained.

“The lacquer connected it is simply a benignant of ammunition that has truthful overmuch flavor. Then it has the abdominous of the thigh meat.  It’s truthful tender connected the inside,” said Petrillo.

They wrapper up with 2 Wagyu beef dishes.  First, the grilled Wagyu Kushiyaki served with shiso chimichurri and more.

“The marbling of it is conscionable really, truly buttery,” explained cook West.

“It benignant of makes you spell backmost connected beef,” joked Petrillo.

Finally, the elegant Wagyu Tataki.  It has homemade kimchee, yuzu kosho and savory soy sauce.

“They accidental it’s thoroughfare food, but it’s fancy looking,” described Petrillo.

“There’s conscionable truthful overmuch spirit and texture successful the bite. Really bully occupation chef, you cognize what you’re doing,” laughed Petrillo.

“Thank you precise much. I admit that. Occasionally I do,” helium joked back.

Buya Izakaya + Yakitori is unfastened 7 days a week for luncheon and meal and Saturday and Sunday brunch is offered.

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