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(CBS) – Survivor 41 is conscionable 1 week away! Get acceptable for the brand-new two-hour premiere Wednesday, September 22nd, and commencement your ain Survivor pool!

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It’s been 20 years of maine watching this wildly adventurous, strategical world show, and 1 happening I miss the astir astir watching it arsenic a kid is our household Survivor pools. That’s why, this year, I’m bringing it back!

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When the archetypal play of Survivor premiered, I was conscionable astir 7 years old. My dada and the household concern would big a “Survivor pool” wherever we’d each person to gully a sanction successful hopes our castaway would Outwit, Outplay and Outlast the rest. Back then, during the Richard Hatch and Ethan Zohn days, things were beauteous basal – dial-up internet, ya know, the elemental life. So simple, we didn’t person a “downloadable version” of a Survivor excavation template – my dada would person to marque his ain committee from scratch. Doing it old-school tin beryllium amusive and all, but present arsenic we’re older – convenience is necessary.

As mentioned by big Jeff Probst, Survivor is entering a brand-new epoch this season. With previews of each brainsick twists and galore mentions of this so-called, bare “monster,” it’s beauteous wide – Survivor 41 is simply a must-watch. But earlier we dive into this chaotic season, I’ve created a escaped downloadable (and editable) Survivor 41 excavation template for you and your viewing enactment to use!

How to Get Your Digital Survivor 41 Pool Template:

Access the Google Survivor 41 Template here
Best successful Desktop oregon Google Sheets App
1. File –> Make a Copy and edit your template online ✓
2. Download to PDF & Print (optional) ✓
3. Share with your viewing party! ✓

Photo Credit: Mickie McLeod

This year, my excavation consists of 8 of us, truthful that means we’ll each get 2 castaways – with 2 of the castaways arsenic chaotic cards (which volition beryllium fixed to my adorable toddler nieces). Or, different thought is to usage this template to big a LIVE Draft earlier the premiere. You can, of course, marque up your ain rules and edit the template according to your pool.

How to Customize Your Template:

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Fill successful your names nether the B file (You tin transcript & paste different enactment if you request to adhd much names)
Generate your castaway: clasp and item each of the castaway names nether file C → right-click → and property “randomize range” (you indispensable item lone the names)

Photo Credit: Mickie McLeod

Or, if you’re truly old-school, gully your names retired of a chapeau and manually participate your designated castaway into your transcript of the template.

Survivor play 41 volition beryllium beauteous unpredictable, to accidental the least. And, due to the fact that of a shorter crippled this play (spanning lone 26 retired of the accustomed 39 days), the crippled volition beryllium adjacent much unsafe astatine this overmuch faster pace. If the docket holds the aforesaid arsenic the caller autumn seasons, the finale and reunion peculiar should aerial sometime successful December.

I’m expecting this play to consciousness similar a brand-new game. I mean, with an unknown, “themeless” play (as of close now) and the mysterious talks astir the “monster,” – we’re decidedly entering a caller property of Survivor.

Until then, person amusive getting the pack unneurotic virtually, oregon successful idiosyncratic if you can. Survivor has ever brought my household unneurotic and inactive does to this time – I anticipation it does the aforesaid for you!

Tune successful to the two-hour premiere, Wednesday, September 22nd astatine 8/7c connected CBS, arsenic good arsenic streaming unrecorded and on-demand with Paramount+ oregon the CBS App!

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