Summer COVID Surge Causing Long Lines At South Florida Test Sites

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – As COVID infections soar successful South Florida, request for investigating is causing agelong lines astatine investigating sites.

“I privation to marque definite I don’t person the COVID,” said Caroline Rozo arsenic she waited astatine the Zoo Miami trial site.

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She said was determination due to the fact that her daughters were sick and she wasn’t feeling well.

“Now I’m sick and I’m feeling a small worse. It’s coughing, headaches, congestion,” said Rozo.

New numbers released Friday by the authorities amusement different week of rising COVID lawsuit numbers.

The Florida Department of Health reported 151,415 recently reported cases passim the Sunshine state, up astir 17-thousand cases from the erstwhile week. The authorities vaccination complaint is 65%, up from 63% past week.

There were besides different 286 recently reported deaths for a full of 40,766 deaths.

The state’s caller lawsuit positivity complaint roseate to 19.3%. It was 18.1% the erstwhile week.

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The authorities reported an mean positivity complaint of 12.4 percent successful Miami-Dade, 16.5 percent successful Broward, and 22.4 percent successful Monroe County.

“The complaint of summation has been very, precise speedy compared to past year,” said Dr. Hany Atallah, Chief Medical Officer astatine Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Atallah said helium expects a highest of COVID cases crossed the authorities by the extremity of August. He thinks the sharp, speedy emergence successful cases happened due to the fact that we fto our defender down excessively soon.

“You know, it’s that airy astatine the extremity of the tunnel, which I hold was there, which benignant of veered america disconnected course. We started to unbend precise quickly. I deliberation we could person relaxed, arsenic it turns out, but we didn’t person capable radical vaccinated to unbend to the grade that we did,” helium said.

In Miami-Dade the vaccination complaint has risen from 81 percent to 83 percent, Broward’s vaccination complaint is up to 74 percent, and Monroe County has accrued its vaccination complaint from 72 percent to 74 percent.

But determination is inactive the propulsion for much shots successful arms. Doctors are acrophobic due to the fact that of the summation successful younger radical who are showing up astatine the infirmary precise sick.

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