Standing By Mask Mandate, Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho On Weekend Tour Of Schools

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Miami-Dade County Public schoolhouse students caput backmost to people connected Monday, August 23.

This twelvemonth includes a disguise mandate. It requires students, teachers, and unit to deterioration masks, conscionable similar what we saw past week erstwhile Broward nationalist schools resumed.

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With 2 days until people begins successful Miami-Dade, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho is connected a play circuit of schools, starting Saturday astatine North Miami Senior High, wherever helium explained however things are going to enactment connected Monday.

“Masks volition beryllium required of each students, each people levels, each teachers, the full enactment force, visitors and volunteers astatine each schools astatine Miami-Dade Public Schools,” said Carvalho.

Thursday the Miami-Dade School Board voted, reaffirming Carvalho’s disguise mandate.

“In Miami-Dade, the decisions we person made are good informed successful medicine and nationalist health. There is nary compromising connected the contented of wellness and the extortion of their teachers,” helium said.

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Miami-Dade present joins Broward and Alachua Counties with disguise mandates.

That’s successful nonstop usurpation of authorities instrumentality which says parents person the close to marque that determination for their children.

Carvalho said helium expects to perceive from the Florida Board of Education soon , particularly aft the DOE threatened to withhold funds adjacent to the salaries of Broward and Alachua schoolhouse committee members if those schoolhouse districts don’t driblet the disguise mandate.

“On that I volition not compromise, and look, if that comes with a menace to presumption oregon salary, it’s a tiny terms to wage to beryllium connected the close broadside of this contented and I’m comfy with that. I’m perfectly astatine peace,” helium said.

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The districts, including Miami-Dade, bash person disguise mandate exemptions for children and adults with a documented aesculapian need.

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