St. Thomas University Professor Working To Get Afghani Allies Out Of Taliban-Controlled Kabul And Into America

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Afghani allies who helped the U.S. subject are stuck successful Taliban-controlled Kabul.

CBS4’s Bobeth Yates learned of 1 Afghani who applied for a peculiar visa, but his exertion was denied due to the fact that of a technicality. That’s erstwhile a radical astatine St. Thomas University stepped successful to assistance the interpreter and his household flight Kabul.

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“We are conscionable heading to the airport. I anticipation to marque it and survive,” said 34-year-old Abdul Rashid Shirzad, documenting his journey.

Shirzad, a erstwhile Afghan interpreter, knew his family’s accidental for flight the state was slim.

“That’s Ali Akbar, that’s my wife, this is me, this is Ali Abbas, and that’s Ali Omid close there,” helium said. “That’s a Taliban conveyance close determination with the achromatic flag.”

Once astatine the airport, it was chaotic with thousands hopeless for a mode out.

Shirzad didn’t marque it connected a formation that day. But helium was yet palmy successful making it to the U.S.

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St. Thomas University prof and migration lawyer Michael Vastin says galore are not truthful lucky, which is wherefore he’s moving to assistance immoderate of the different U.S. allies near behind.

“This radical of people, due to the fact that of their relation with the U.S., truly person go refugees,” helium said.

Vastin said determination are thousands who worked with the U.S. subject and for their assistance should person been granted U.S. visas, but alternatively were near down successful Afghanistan. One of his clients, whose individuality is being hidden retired of fearfulness of retaliation, is among them.

“His relation was interpreting for U.S. subject retired successful the field. He had different members, family, who were moving astatine NATO headquarters,” Vastin said. “And from doing this for years, his full assemblage knew who helium was and the benignant of enactment helium was doing and of people this was advancing the U.S. involvement successful being successful.”

But present that the Taliban and not the U.S. is control, Vastin said his lawsuit and their family’s lives are successful danger. And with the visas they were promised taking longer than expected, they missed the evacuation flights.

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“Processing is expected to beryllium 9 months oregon less. But these cases are not being resolved successful 9 months oregon less. They’re taken years,” said Vastin. “And if we’re going to connection a process, we request to person the resources to present connected that promise.”

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