South Miami Police Chief Rene Landa Alarmed By New Report About Covid-19 And Officers

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – South Miami Police Chief Rene Landa says helium is alarmed and troubled by a caller published study astir however galore officers person died arsenic a effect of the coronavirus.

CBS4 News spouse “The Miami Herald” reports that 28 of the 33 officers who person died successful the enactment of work successful the past 2 years person been killed by COVID-19.

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The paper reports that Florida accounts for much than 10 percent of each COVID-19 deaths and that astir victims are successful their 40s and 50s.

Landa, who is President of the Miami-Dade Association of Chiefs of Police, told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, “It is astonishing that usually the 2 apical killers of constabulary are gunfire and car accidents but present COVID has moved up of that for our officers.”

Landa said, “People person to get vaccinated. That is what we stress with our officers. We are not forcing officers to bash that. We can’t bash that. But we counsel them to bash their research, survey their history. Talk to their doctors. We attraction astir our unit and our families. Some officers who are resistant are not comfy with that.”

Landa has been precise pro-active during the Pandemic. He said 33 of his 58 employees person been vaccinated. That is astir 60 per cent of them and that percent has not changed successful the past fewer months.

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South Florida P.B.A. President Steadman Stahl says that is astir the aforesaid percent for Miami-Dade Police Officers.

”I don’t person nonstop numbers but I judge it is person to 60 per cent,” helium said. “Most of the older officers person gotten vaccinated but it is the younger officers who person the fearfulness of it. It is the chartless and the mistrust of government. Also authorities person travel successful to play.”

Stahl said, “I deliberation it is important that everyone get the vaccine. I promote everyone and I accidental that arsenic Steadman Stahl. Officers are encouraged to bash that but for employers to mandate that, that is inactive different question arsenic a information of employment.”

CBS4 reached retired to different agencies including Miami-Dade Police and the Broward Sheriffs Office and Fort Lauderdale Police. They each said they bash not support way of the fig of officers who person been vaccinated.

The deaths of law-enforcement officers from COVID-19 person pb to immoderate haunting images successful South Florida.

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On November 9th bagpipes were played astatine a memorial work successful Sunrise arsenic the Broward Sheriffs Office 9 of its employees who had mislaid their lives.

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