South Florida Veteran Who Served In Afghanistan ‘Very Emotional’ About How Military Withdrawal Has Unfolded

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – There are plentifulness of opinions astir what’s happening successful Afghanistan, and whether the withdrawal was close oregon wrong.

But what bash the veterans who risked it each to service determination think? What astir Gold Star families?

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Retired Naval Military Police Officer Laura Ogden is trying to process the existent Taliban takeover successful Afghanistan, wherever she served a circuit of work successful 2012.

“It made maine precise upset and that’s wherefore I’m precise affectional with each the worldly going on,” she said.

Naval Military Police Officer Laura Ogden during her clip successful service. (Courtesy of Laura Ogden)

All these years later, MP Ogden is inactive affectional astir the fearfulness she witnessed portion successful the war-torn country, similar the clip 7 wounded soldiers were rushed to the infirmary aft being struck by an IED.

“He was successful furniture bleeding successful agony,” she recalled. “It was the worst happening I heard successful each my years.”

Janine Lutz’s son, John, served successful Afghanistan.

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She said her “heart is breached for the Afghan people. It’s bittersweet what’s going connected implicit there.”

Her words are an unthinkable enactment of compassion, considering she spent truthful galore nights worrying astir her ain adorable babe lad who grew into a fierce combatant with the Marines.

“When helium was successful Afghanistan he’d telephone and I’d perceive explosive, and helium was like, ‘Mom, we’re astatine war!’” she said.

John Lutz serving successful Afghanistan. (Courtesy of Janine Lutz)

John Lutz survived the battlefield lone to instrumentality his ain beingness successful 2013 portion backmost location successful America.

His ma wants different veterans and their families to cognize they accomplished their ngo successful the astir 20-year war, which outgo trillions.

“The seasoned I know, who served with my son, loved America and went to combat coercion and that’s what they did,” Janine Lutz said. “The result has nary bearing connected the occupation they did.”

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If you’re a vet who needs to speech to idiosyncratic oregon you cognize 1 who does, determination is assistance retired there. A mates of options are the Veterans Crisis Line astatine (888) 206-0721 and the Wounded Warrior Resource Center astatine (888) 997-2586. Team

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