South Florida Sends Relief Supplies, First Responders To Haiti

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Several groups successful South Florida are collecting and sending alleviation supplies to Haiti aft the weekend’s 7.2 earthquake.

At Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, not lone were alleviation flights being prepared and departing, radical from Port-au-Prince were arriving to flight the turmoil successful their country.

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“They request help. Haiti is simply a mediocre country, arsenic you know, nary substance what we request help,” said Mez Melvil, who was 1 of the dozens of radical who arrived astatine the airdrome from Haiti connected Monday.

Aid from South Florida began arriving successful Haiti implicit the weekend.

JetBlue donated a plane, gas, and unit to bring archetypal responders, aesculapian supplies, and different alleviation to the country.

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Team Rubicon volition assistance with those injured and getting them the aesculapian attraction they need.

“We bring successful aesculapian teams, we look astatine h2o and sanitation. Really, we’re going determination with an unfastened caput close present to spot however champion our skills tin beryllium enactment to usage to assistance the survivors of this disaster,” said Dennis Clancy, Operations Director of Team Rubicon.

The World Central Kitchen has sent nutrient and supplies.

“There are a batch of hunger challenges successful Haiti close now, adjacent earlier the earthquake, and present this earthquake, particularly successful the south, has truly amplified the request for food. So we’re present to supply blistery and caller meals for the community. And we’re going to beryllium determination arsenic agelong arsenic we request to be,” said Nate Mook, enforcement manager of World Central Kitchen.

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Click here if you would similar to donate to the Neighbors 4 Neighbors money dedicated to helping the radical affected by this earthquake.

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