South Florida Olympic Sailor Lara Dallman-Weiss Shares Her Tokyo Games Experience

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Caeleb Dressel, Sydney McLaughlin and Suni Lee were standout golden medalists for the U.S. successful the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Hundreds of others who gave it their each did not medal. And portion a two-person women’s sailing squad from South Florida came backmost with nary medals astir their necks, it’s their winning cognition that’s everything.

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CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo caught up with U.S.A. Sailing Team subordinate Lara Dallman-Weiss.

She showed disconnected her Olympic 2020 credentials and the pins she traded with the caller friends she made this summertime successful Tokyo.

Dallman-Weiss and her sailing spouse Nikole Barnes, some from South Florida, competed successful the women’s two-person dinghy. They raced for six days.

“Each contention is 45 minutes to an hour, and past we bash 2 a day,” she recalled. “So we’re connected the h2o possibly 4 to 5 hours.”

“So you’re not successful a seat with the sail similar I sail?” joked CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo.

“Yeah, no, there’s nary vino and cheese,” Dallman-Weiss said laughing.  “It’s highly physical. We enactment hard, but I emotion that part. “

Dallman-Weiss has been sailing since property 6 and partnered with Barnes, who’s successful the U.S. Coast Guard, conscionable 3 years ago. They trained successful Miami. And similar everyone else, they were delayed going to the Olympics past twelvemonth due to the fact that of the pandemic. This twelvemonth it was Game on.

“And truthful did you person the bully winds you needed?” asked Petrillo.

“We had everything. There was a typhoon that came close erstwhile we got there, truthful it was crazy. But it’s akin to Miami and that it’s truly hot. It made for a truly pugnacious sailing,” she explained.

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After six days of competition, they came successful 12th retired of 21.  It was not the ending they were looking for.

“It was pugnacious astatine first. I deliberation anyone who’s been grooming for the games thinks results, results,” she said.

“So astatine archetypal you were disappointed?” asked Petrillo.

“Yes, erstwhile we crossed the decorativeness enactment I was upset due to the fact that you cognize we person shown that we tin beryllium astatine the precise apical of the fleet adjacent though we’re reasonably caller squad unneurotic and that’s what we wanted,” responded Dallman-Weiss. “But I deliberation conscionable being determination unsocial is an unthinkable accomplishment.”

Due to COVID, nary household was allowed, truthful the feeling of idiosyncratic maturation and caller and lasting friendships were a large takeaway.

“So there’s 10 antithetic types of sailboats, truthful we had a squad of 13,” said Dallman-Weiss. “So we got truly adjacent due to the fact that we were each successful a bubble together. We couldn’t spell retired to meal oregon anything. We were conscionable successful the cafeteria unneurotic and yea I deliberation we each got truly close.”

Dallman-Weiss plans to proceed moving hard and hopes to beryllium backmost successful the vessel for Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.

She credits her ma and her coaches for 1 portion of proposal that gets her done everything.

“Positive self-talk, that volition get you done anything. As an jock you privation to beryllium achromatic and achromatic and people your show and however tin you get better, but you person to beryllium benignant to yourself,” she said.

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Now that’s a acquisition we tin each sail distant with.

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