South Florida Donations Headed To Hurricane Struck Louisiana

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DORAL (CBSMiami) – Donations are connected their mode from South Florida to Louisiana successful the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

The almighty and unsafe class 4 hurricane made landfall Sunday and hunt and rescue efforts are conscionable beginning.

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“We person been notified by astir apt 100 radical conscionable done messages connected Facebook, radical saying that they’re terrified, that they couldn’t evacuate. They’ve been texting america passim the nighttime due to the fact that there’s nary much power, nary much internet,” said Michael Capponi, laminitis and President of Global Empowerment Mission. “We’ve mislaid connection with a batch of radical due to the fact that there’s nary powerfulness now.”

The radical loaded up household kits with supplies passim the weekend, Capponi said, successful beforehand of immoderate apt devastation from the storm.

“We were scheduling volunteers present each weekend, packing boxes erstwhile this happening was inactive offshore knowing what was going to happen,” said Capponi. “It’s a batch of enactment to do.”

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GEM partnered with UC Group to transport the boxes of supplies from their warehouse successful Doral consecutive to Baton Rouge, Louisiana wherever they volition enactment with churches to administer to those successful need.

Inside each household kit are essentials similar wipes, flashlights, blankets, canned food, and adjacent COVID-19 investigating kits. Each kit should beryllium capable to assistance a household of five. On Monday morning, a motortruck filled with astir 1,000 kits near Doral headed north.

Capponi said they are readying to nonstop 10 trucks.

If you would similar to help, caput to

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Neighbors 4 Neighbors is besides accepting monetary donations to assistance successful the alleviation and recovery. Donations tin beryllium made astatine oregon by texting IDA to 41444.

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