‘Something New, Something Fresh’: Miami Dolphins Enjoying Joint Practice Opportunities

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – For the 2nd consecutive week, Dolphins players got to deed idiosyncratic different than their ain teammates.

On the heels of a associated signifier against the Bears, successful travel the Atlanta Falcons.

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Two associated practices successful the aforesaid offseason has been a welcomed change.

“It’s ever chill to spot thing new, thing fresh. Like you said, immoderate caller faces and spell against idiosyncratic else, a antithetic strategy and conscionable getting much acquisition with immoderate antithetic worldly is the biggest payment to that,” said Dolphins moving backmost Malcolm Brown.

“Yeah, we vie against each other,” added Fins information Eric Rowe. “But erstwhile you spell against idiosyncratic else, you benignant of measurement up a small bit.”

Unfortunately, Miami is inactive without 3 of their apical targets. Will fuller, Albert Wilson and DeVante Parker are inactive out.

In the meantime, the transportation betwixt Tua Tagovailoa and rookie Jaylen Waddle grows. Tagovailoa told reporters Wednesday the discourtesy is predicated connected going done progressions and uncovering the unfastened target. And Waddle seems to beryllium getting unfastened a lot.

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“I ne'er realized however galore times helium was targeted today, but that’s benignant of the mindset that we person of trying to get the shot retired speedy and fto our guys, our playmakers marque plays,” Tagovailoa said.

“We effort to bash everything right. Come arsenic adjacent to perfection arsenic we can. So him going done his reads, maine going done my routes and hopefully they clip up,” Waddle said.

Fellow archetypal circular prime Jaelan Phillips is backmost connected the field. The erstwhile Cane said helium was crawling retired of his tegument watching his squad play without him. But utilized the acquisition of being injured to spot the crippled from a antithetic angle.

“Obviously, the clip retired was frustrating. But similar I was saying earlier, it was benignant of a caller perspective. It was truly chill to spot it from extracurricular looking successful and it conscionable ever makes you admit the crippled much erstwhile it gets taken distant for a mates of weeks,” helium said. “Just cognize erstwhile I came backmost contiguous I was decidedly excited. I woke up successful a bully mood.”

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