Some Miami-Dade Students Struggling To Get To School Because Of Inconsistent Bus Schedule

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MIAMI (CBS4) – It’s been astir 2 weeks since schoolhouse started astatine Miami-Dade County Public Schools, but immoderate students are inactive incapable to get bussed to school.

Mabel Rodriguez is 1 of the parents who’s been frustrated by what she described arsenic an inconsistent autobus schedule.

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She talked with CBS4 portion connected the telephone with MDCPS dispatch to find retired if her daughter’s autobus was acceptable to instrumentality her home.

The archetypal telephone abruptly hung up. The 2nd telephone went to an operator.

“Hold connected fto maine transportation you to dispatch,” a dependable connected the enactment said.

Then dozens of rings went by earlier anyone answered.

It’s present a regular daily for Rodriguez; figuring retired whether her girl has a thrust to schoolhouse oregon a mode to get location from Coral Gables High School.

She told CBS4 that parents are disquieted astir kids waiting retired by themselves astatine autobus stops for specified agelong extended periods.

“They conscionable wanna spell to person an acquisition to larn and they could get kidnapped,” she explained.

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Rodriguez estimates implicit a twelve kids successful her vicinity adjacent NW 47 and 7 are successful the aforesaid boat.

CBS4 contacted Miami-Dade County Public Schools astir the situation. They replied successful a written statement:

“Miami-Dade County Public Schools is moving tirelessly to code a autobus operator shortage that is impacting not lone our schoolhouse district, but the full country. The District has consolidated routes and continues contracting with proscription companies to guarantee each autobus routes are serviced truthful that students whitethorn get to schoolhouse connected time. We inquire for patience arsenic we proceed to address.”

Rodriguez took contented with that response, saying, “You sent this autobus paper to america successful June and you had each summertime to fig this out.”

The contented has enactment unit connected her astatine enactment with her boss, she’s missed a batch of enactment to thrust her daughter. Her hubby helps erstwhile helium tin too, but it’s thing Rodriguez says should not beryllium a occupation since MDCPS wanted each kids to spell backmost to successful idiosyncratic learning.

“He didn’t accidental either you hole this oregon don’t travel backmost but I cognize that’s what helium meant to say,” she said.

How overmuch longer Rodriguez’s brag with beryllium knowing is different worry.

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“Carvalho, I cognize this is not 1 of your biggest concerns, but for america parents it is,” she pleaded. Team

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