Saharan Dust Quite Noticeable Across South Florida

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Summer present typically brings sun, heat, humidity, storms and dust.

That’s right, South Florida summers usually woody with 1 oregon 2 episodes of dust, which reduces aerial prime and obscures the tropically bluish skies.

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The particulate originates from fractional mode astir the globe successful the Saharan Desert, wherever seasonal thunderstorm squall lines with precise beardown winds loft the particulate into the air.

That dusty aerial is past carried crossed the Atlantic connected easterly commercialized winds, often reaching the Caribbean and North America.

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While the particulate reduces aerial prime owed to good particulate matter, mildly falling from the sky, the particulate besides spreads robust and different beneficial minerals implicit the water and land.

The particulate furniture besides tends to inhibit tropical tempest development.

The particulate is expected to propulsion connected into the Gulf by aboriginal this week but different ample plume of particulate could scope South Florida by aboriginal adjacent week.

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People with respiratory issues oregon sensitivities to good particulate should debar extracurricular aerial arsenic overmuch arsenic possible.

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