Only Area Of Interest In Eastern Atlantic Has Low Development Potential

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – After an progressive play tracking 2 tropical systems making landfall, it volition beryllium overmuch calmer this play with lone 1 country to ticker successful the eastbound Atlantic which has a debased improvement potential.

Hurricane Grace made a 2nd landfall successful Mexico aboriginal Saturday with upwind speeds of 125 mph, making it a beardown Category 3 hurricane. This coming aft it crossed implicit the Yucatan Peninsula past week.

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Heavy rainfall caused mudslides and flash flooding implicit a ample country of cardinal Mexico pursuing landfall. The tempest dissipated inland soon aft landfall with the past advisory issued by the National Hurricane Center Saturday afternoon.


Hurricane Henri weakened somewhat and made landfall arsenic a tropical tempest Sunday astatine 12:30 p.m. successful Rhode Island. The tempest has since slowed and is expected to astir stall implicit New England earlier being pushed eastbound disconnected the seashore of Maine aboriginal this week.

Flash flooding and yet larger stream flooding is expected implicit Northern New Jersey, New York, and parts of New England. Although it is forecast to proceed to weaken implicit land, the dilatory moving tempest has present go an inland flooding menace to overmuch of the country with larger rivers not expected to crest until aboriginal this week.

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After the last advisory is issued for Henri, the lone different country to show is an country of debased unit disconnected the seashore of Africa which has a debased improvement imaginable implicit the cardinal Atlantic aboriginal this week.


Helping to bounds immoderate tropical improvement is simply a ample country of Saharan Dust, which volition determination implicit the portion implicit the adjacent fewer days.

Hazy sunshine tin beryllium expected with conscionable a fewer storms processing each time implicit the interior.

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Due to the deficiency of rainfall temperatures are forecast to beryllium implicit 90 degrees with vigor scale values astatine oregon conscionable supra 105 degrees.

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