North Carolina GOP Gerrymandered Maps Struck Down For Violating The Right To Vote

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The North Carolina Supreme Court has struck down the Republican-drawn gerrymandered maps as a violation of the right to vote.

NC Attorney General Josh Stein tweeted:

BREAKING: Fantastic news for voters and the health of our democracy — the NC Supreme Court just struck down the legislative and congressional maps as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. The maps violate a voter's fundamental right to vote.

— Josh Stein (@JoshStein_) February 4, 2022

The North Carolina case was unique because the central issue was not Republicans drawing maps to maximize the number of seats that they could win. The issue was that Republicans had drawn the new maps to dilute the voting power of racial minorities in the state.

By a 4-3 vote, the court rejected the maps as a violation of the right to vote.

The ruling is great news for people who care about protecting democracy, and along with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court taking up the case of the new maps in the Keystone State, this has been a good week for voting rights.

Anytime a gerrymandered map gets struck down, it is a good day for democracy.

Republicans learned in 2020 that if minorities are allowed to vote, the GOP loses elections. Amid the most racist voter suppression campaign in 60 years, voting rights advocates are scoring some key victories.

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