New Florida Lottery Struck By Luck Scratch-Off Game Features Prizes Of Up To $1 Million

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Florida Lottery launched its newest $10 Scratch-Off game, STRUCK BY LUCK, connected Monday giving players the accidental to triumph prizes of up to $1 million.

The crippled has 7 cardinal winning tickets, much than $176.4 cardinal successful currency prizes, and the game’s wide likelihood of winning are one-in-3.36.

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The STRUCK BY LUCK crippled besides features a unsocial progressive jackpot prize, reaching up to $75,000, which players tin assertion if they uncover a “MONEY BAG” awesome connected their ticket.

Players tin download the Struck By Luck mobile app oregon sojourn the Lottery’s website to presumption jackpot updates, uncover prizes, and stock their wins.

The Florida Lottery besides launched 4 further Scratch-Off games connected Monday that connection much than $230 cardinal successful full currency prizes.

CROSSWORD CASH, TRIPLE CROSSWORD, MAGIC 8 BALL, AND 3 TIMES LUCKY scope successful terms from $1 to $5 and connection much than $230 cardinal successful currency prizes.

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In the $5 CROSSWORD CASH game, players person the accidental to triumph up to $500,000.

The caller TRIPLE CASHWORD gives players the accidental to multiply the amusive and multiply their winnings – up to $150,000 for conscionable $3.

The MAGIC 8 BALL Scratch-Off crippled gives players a accidental to crook $2 into $50,000.

For lone $1, 3 TIMES LUCKY features 30 apical prizes of $3,000 and gives players the accidental to triumph instantly erstwhile they uncover 3 “3” symbols successful a row.

Scratch-Off games are an important portion of the Lottery’s portfolio of games, comprising astir 75 percent of summons income and generating much than $1 cardinal for the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF) successful fiscal twelvemonth 2020-21.

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