New American McGee Alice Game, Asylum, Script Revealed

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American McGee's Alice series took the Alice in Wonderland universe in places we never expected. The gruesomely morbid tale turned Alice's dream into a true nightmare, and fans couldn't get enough. The series director wanted to dive back in with a third entry and began work on what's being called Alice: Asylum, and the full script can be seen now on the Patreon from both American McGee and Alex Crowley. 

McGee took to Twitter to share the link to the latest Alice adventure's Patreon page, providing a narrative outline PDF for interested fans to look over. The post also came with an invitation to join the Crowd Design process, Patreon or not, and the option to get the inside scoop for as little as $1 a month. 

The "Alice: Asylum" Narrative Outline PDF is now publically accessible over on my Patreon.

You can join in the Crowd Design process even if you aren't a Patron (though you should feel cheap and dirty if you do, I mean it's like $1 a month, come on man).

— ⚓ American McGee 🏴‍☠️ (@americanmcgee) August 22, 2021

A survey near the end of the outline allows interested gamers to provide feedback on how the script reads. This literally puts the power into players' hands, giving lovers of McGee's adventures an actual say in where this story goes next. 

The Patreon was first included as a way to show EA there was interest in revisiting the mad tale of Alice and her mind's conjurings. It also gives fans a chance to provide their own creative input throughout the process, early access to art and design updates, questions answered directly from the team, and even accreditation during live-streamed events. 

To learn more, check it out for yourself right here. Though we don't have any kind of release window in mind at this time, it's exciting to see so much passion once more, and we can't wait to see what other twisted adventures await our mad, mad Alice.

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