‘My Heart Dropped’: Woman, Neighbors Team Up To Rescue Rabbit Found With Dart In Its Face

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September 17, 2021 astatine 11:12 am

PARKLAND, Fla. (CBSMiami) – When Misty Baniewicz saw a rabbit successful beforehand of her Parkland, Florida home, she thought a yellowish spot adjacent its rima was a angiosperm that the rabbit was eating. Later she realized she was precise wrong.

“I decided to instrumentality a person look and realized that it wasn’t a angiosperm but a dart successful its face,” she said. Baniewicz took a picture.  It shows that dart went each the mode though.

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“I’m like, ‘Am I seeing what I’m seeing?’ As I got person I could spot however it was a metallic arrow shooting done 1 broadside of its look and going retired the different broadside of its face. My bosom dropped,” she said.

Misty Baniewicz astatine archetypal thought the yellowish dart was a angiosperm that “Marsh” was eating. (Courtesy of Misty Baniewicz)

Baniewicz got the connection retired close distant that the rabbit, who she calls “Marsh,” needed to beryllium caught and treated accelerated due to the fact that she learned that different rabbit was deed successful the limb with a dart and did not survive.

Neighbors Mariana and James Symecko grabbed their nett and raced to help. “We dropped the nett down connected it similar this, arsenic cautiously arsenic we could,” James demonstrated, “I was capable to spell astir and get power of the rabbit,” helium said.

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The rabbit is being treated astatine the South Florida Wildlife Center. Medical Director Dr. Antonia Garnder said determination are nary signs of bony harm oregon infection.

Now that the rabbit is successful a secluded, much earthy habitat, Dr. Gardner is readying much attraction and wants to support his accent level down. Stress tin origin immoderate superior problems. “We privation him to chill out, we privation him to eat,” Dr. Gardner said. “We privation him to instrumentality antibiotics for the adjacent fewer days truthful those wounds tin heal truthful we tin get him retired of here,” she said.

“Marsh” was taken to the South Florida Wildlife Center for treatment. (Courtesy of Misty Baniewicz)

The Symeckos said they anticipation to spot Marsh soon. “I conscionable anticipation that helium comes backmost here, helium has this beauteous greenish spot that helium lives, that he’s steadfast and blessed and we tin travel sojourn him a mates times,” Mariana Symecko said.

If everything goes arsenic planned, the South Florida Wildlife Center is hoping to merchandise that rabbit adjacent week successful the vicinity wherever helium was found.

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