Mitch McConnell Tells Republicans There Will No Impeachment Of Joe Biden

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At an event in Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told his own party that President Biden will not be impeached.

McConnell said:

At an event in KY, @LeaderMcConnell is asked if Biden's behavior is impeachable. "Well, look the president is not going to be removed from office...I think the way these behaviors get adjusted in this country is at the ballot box." "There isn't going to be an impeachment."


Mitch McConnell understands that Biden’s decision in Afghanistan is not an impeachable offense. More importantly to him, the Senate Minority Leader knows that his hopes of retaking the Senate in 2022 will go down the drain if Democrats think that Republicans are going to impeach Biden.

If Republicans would take back the House and impeach the President, McConnell is making it clear that the Senate will have no time for their nonsense.

It may seem surprising that Sen. McConnell would dismiss impeaching President Biden, but it isn’t.

McConnell only cares about becoming Senate Majority Leader again, and he is not about to let the clownery of House Republicans get in his way.

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