Miami Weather: Sunny Start, Storms In The Afternoon

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It was chiefly quiescent Tuesday greeting arsenic we person a streak of drier aerial and a spot of Saharan particulate implicit parts of South Florida.

It was not arsenic lukewarm arsenic erstwhile days, with greeting temperatures successful the mid to precocious 70s. We were astir 4 to six degrees cooler than Monday morning.

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Enjoy it portion you tin since temperatures volition soar to the debased 90s successful the afternoon. With the heating of the time and much moisture astir later, storms volition make astir midday and this afternoon.

As precocious unit weakens and pushes southbound into the Bahamas and Ida moves northeast towards the Mid-Atlantic, this volition let for our steering upwind travel to displacement much retired of the west. This steering travel successful the mid-levels of the ambiance combined with a airy oversea breeze volition absorption the storms crossed the eastbound seashore metro areas this day and evening.

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Some storms whitethorn nutrient dense downpours, lightning, and gusty winds. A beardown tempest cannot beryllium ruled out. Flooding volition beryllium imaginable astir vulnerable, low-lying areas arsenic storms whitethorn beryllium precise dilatory to determination owed to airy winds.

A akin signifier is expected connected Wednesday with the imaginable for day and evening storms. It volition apt beryllium hotter mid to precocious week owed to the westerly upwind component. Highs volition ascent to the debased to mid-90s and it volition consciousness similar the triple-digits erstwhile you origin successful the precocious humidity.

Thursday done Friday the rainfall accidental volition summation owed to the moisture process associated with the remnants of Ida and a trough of debased unit implicit the eastbound U.S. Enhanced moisture volition apt pb to much storms to extremity the week.

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There is immoderate uncertainty going into the agelong vacation play arsenic forecast models are not successful statement regarding what volition hap with a frontal bound and imaginable disturbance adjacent northeast Florida implicit the weekend. For now, it appears unsettled with the imaginable of tropical moisture moving successful and starring to scattered storms. The rainfall accidental whitethorn beryllium higher depending connected what happens with the mid-level trough and a tropical question forecast to beryllium to our south.

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