Miami Weather: Scorching Heat Continues In South Florida

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A hazy and blistery upwind signifier continues crossed South Florida acknowledgment to a heavy furniture of Saharan dust.

Tuesday began with precise lukewarm debased temperatures, chiefly successful the mid-80s and the “feels-like” successful the low-90s. This gave Tuesday a caput commencement connected heating up passim the day, truthful different scorching day is expected with a vigor scale of 100 degrees and higher. The accidental for rainfall continues to stay debased owed to Saharan particulate drying retired the atmosphere.

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The particulate plume volition linger done Wednesday, but past immoderate alleviation from the vigor is imaginable connected Thursday and Friday. During this clip frame, a mid to upper-level debased unit strategy volition descent implicit Florida traveling successful from the Atlantic Ocean.

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High temperatures connected Thursday and Friday volition driblet backmost down to the precocious 80s and adjacent 90 degrees due to the fact that this volition propulsion the particulate retired and bring successful moisture for the accidental of spotty storms. That besides means that “feels-like” temperatures volition not beryllium arsenic blistery arsenic what South Florida is experiencing truthful acold this week.

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During the nights, temperatures volition stay supra mean erstwhile it comes to the overnight lows, successful the debased to mid-80s. Another plume of Saharan particulate is imaginable to get aboriginal successful the weekend.

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