Miami Weather: More Typical Summer Pattern Returns To South Florida

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – We’re kicking disconnected the caller week with a much emblematic summertime signifier successful South Florida.

The bulk of the moisture associated with Tropical Storm Fred is moving implicit the Panhandle. Fred volition marque landfall adjacent Panama City, oregon conscionable westbound of there, Monday afternoon.

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Here astatine home, successful South Florida, a southeast upwind volition assistance to steer the oversea breeze towards the inland areas. So isolated showers oregon storms are expected to make implicit the occidental cities and the Everglades. That southeast breeze volition tally betwixt 10 to 15 mph passim Monday.

More sunshine has returned to our country and truthful a hotter time is successful store with precocious temperatures topping 90° and vigor indices adjacent the triple-digits during Monday afternoon.

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More moisture returns arsenic soon arsenic Tuesday and this volition marque the time a small wetter with a fewer greeting showers and day scattered storms. A spot of drier aerial sweeps into South Florida connected Thursday allowing for rainfall chances to autumn and sunnier upwind to instrumentality erstwhile again.

In the Caribbean, Grace impacts the Dominican Republic and Haiti with dense rainfall passim Monday arsenic a tropical depression. Grace volition regain spot arsenic a tropical tempest connected Tuesday arsenic the halfway tracks implicit water, betwixt Cuba and Jamaica. Grace volition proceed to way westward towards the Yucatan and the occidental Gulf of Mexico by the extremity of the week. This means that Grace volition stay good distant from South Florida.

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A recently formed tropical slump spins eastbound of Bermuda, implicit the Atlantic Ocean, and is expected to go the adjacent named tempest aboriginal Monday oregon by Tuesday. The adjacent sanction connected the database is Henri, pronounced “ahn-REE.”

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