Miami Proud: St. John Bosco Clinic Providing Free Care For Nearly 30 Years

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A dependable watercourse of patients travel successful for appointments astatine the St. John Bosco Clinic.

The session sees 1,200 radical a year, each of who are uninsured and unrecorded astatine oregon adjacent the poorness level.

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“Most of the patients that travel to the session are connection of rima – they heard it from a friend,” explained Executive Director of St. John Bosco Clinic Berta Cabrera.

It began arsenic a one-room cognition astir 3 decades ago.

It was primitively situated astatine the St. John Bosco Church field successful Little Havana.

It was started by the Sisters of Saint Joseph Foundation and different founders, who saw the request to supply free, accessible wellness attraction to a increasing colonisation astatine the time.

“In 1992, determination was an influx of Cubans coming to Miami, truthful the session was seeing chiefly Cuban nationals,” Cabrera said.

It opened connected July 1, 1992, lone to beryllium deed by Hurricane Andrew six weeks later.

The clinic’s work transportation grew from 1 half-day successful a tiny area, moving successful 2007 to its existent determination connected the field of Corpus Christi Catholic Church successful Allapattah.

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It has aggregate exam rooms, unit and sees patients 5 days a week, who travel from countries crossed Central and South America.

“Many times, erstwhile they travel to us, they person ne'er had healthcare. For example, successful the lawsuit of women they person ne'er had a cervical crab screening oregon a mammogram,” said Cabrera.

“We are capable to equip our diabetic patients with each the investigating supplies to negociate their condition,” she added.

Patients similar Ernesto Molina, who came successful with highly precocious sweetener levels.

“I was precise bad, and the session saved me,” Molina said.

He was profoundly grateful and donated a representation of Saint John Bosco that helium painted, which is displayed successful the lobby of the clinic.

“The clinic’s occurrence is credited to its tiny staff, generous donors, and much than 20 unpaid doctors acquainted with the Hispanic population’s needs. They recognize the civilization they recognize the dietary customs and they’re capable to enactment with the patients,” said Cabrera.

“Free clinics truly are capable to bash what they bash due to the fact that of the unpaid support,” Cabrera added.

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