Miami-Dade County Schools Issue Mask Mandate, Defying DeSantis Order

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Miami-Dade County School Board has voted to instrumentality a disguise mandate for the commencement of the 2021-2022 schoolhouse year.

The determination defies an bid from Gov. Ron DeSantis that states the determination indispensable beryllium near up to parents.

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United Teachers of Dade President Karla Hernandez-Mats released the pursuing connection connected the schoolhouse board’s vote:

“Today, we witnessed what ideology looks similar contempt being forced to withstand the vitriol of an anti-science group. With the recommendations of aesculapian experts, the CDC, parents, assemblage allies, students, enactment professionals, and teachers, we were capable to guarantee that information prevailed. We salute Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, Dr. Marta Perez, Mrs. Perla Tabares-Hantman, Dr. Steve Gallon III, Mrs. Mari Tere Rojas, Mrs. Lucia Baez-Geller, and Ms. Luisa Santos for showing courageousness against threats and not allowing authorities to participate and harm the information of our schoolhouse communities. We are excited astir welcoming our students backmost into our classrooms portion trying our champion to support them harmless and helping them thrive through.”


The seven-to-one ballot came contempt vigor protestation extracurricular the gathering connected Wednesday from radical who some supported a mandate and opposed it.

“Unmask our kids, unmask our kids,” were immoderate of the chants extracurricular the Miami-Dade School Board meeting.  It was met with different chant, “Mask up! Mask up!”

Parents and members of the assemblage rallied extracurricular Wednesday’s schoolhouse committee gathering arsenic each broadside tried to get its constituent across.

“My kids are mine, my kids, aft God they’re my kids,” said genitor Dalila Rodriguez.  “The schoolhouse committee oregon nary 1 has parental authorization to enactment a mandate, a mask, connected my kids face,” she said.

Rodriguez said erstwhile school starts Monday, her 2 children volition beryllium maskless.

“No!  I’m not going to comply, my kids are not going to comply,” she said.

Marika Lynch is pro mask.  She rallied extracurricular too.

“We’re going to marque definite that kids are required to wears masks successful schoolhouse connected Monday,” she vowed.

Lynch said her 3 kids volition beryllium masked to support them and others.

“As a society, however galore lives are we consenting to risk. I’m not consenting to hazard any. Last year, everybody was perfectly harmless with masks astatine schools.  We request to bash it until the numbers spell down,” she said.

Inside, emotions besides ran high. More than a 100 radical signed up to speak.

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“Do not, nether immoderate condition interruption Floridians law freedoms, bash not interruption parents close nether Florida instrumentality to marque wellness attraction decisions for their insignificant children,” said Alejandro Serrano, who’s opposed to a disguise mandate.

Francesca Charon is pro mask.  She urged the territory to person children disguise up.

“I person a petition. You tin spot we person implicit 11,000 signatures.  We the parents successful favour of disguise mandate are the bulk connected this matter,” she said.

The determination yet rests with Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

He said the governor’s bid volition not interaction his decision.

“If the effect is yet my job, my salary, I’m consenting to judge that, but I’m not consenting to crook connected my conviction,” Carvalho said.

A aesculapian task unit has already unanimously recommended a disguise mandate for Florida’s largest schoolhouse district, which returns to people connected Monday, August 23.

That sheet consisted of six doctors and nationalist wellness professionals who each agreed masks should beryllium mandatory for students and staff, saying determination is nary grey area.

Carvalvo said he’s not intimidated by authorities threats against schoolhouse districts that person disguise mandates.

“I’ve been poor, I’ve been homeless, I’ve been unsocial successful the state since I was 17. Threats against my wage oregon my presumption bash not origin 1 spot into the determination I volition make. It is simply a tiny terms to wage and what’s astatine involvement present is excessively important. We are talking astir the wellness and well-being of our kids, of our teachers, of our principals. I bash not cognize however to crook my backmost connected the teacher who I spoke with this morning, whose parent is simply a teacher, arsenic she was sobbing connected the telephone to maine arsenic her ma was astir to beryllium intubated,” helium said.

The aesculapian task unit reviewed the astir caller Miami-Dade data, including the astir 22,000 caller cases implicit the past week, arsenic good arsenic a positivity complaint of adjacent to 20%.

The determination to institute a disguise mandate goes against an enforcement bid by Gov. Ron DeSantis aimed astatine blocking mandatory disguise rules.

The State Board of Education connected Tuesday threatened penalties against schoolhouse officials successful Alachua and Broward counties who necessitate doctors’ notes earlier students tin opt retired of disguise requirements. The districts could look imaginable nonaccomplishment of funding, removal of section officials and further enactment from the authorities Legislature for requiring masks.

President Joe Biden called schoolhouse territory superintendents successful Florida and Arizona past week to praise them for doing “the close thing” successful defiance of enforcement orders from their governors. The Biden medication besides promised national wealth if DeSantis carries retired a menace to withhold immoderate authorities funds from districts imposing disguise mandates.

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Miami-Dade has the nation’s fourth-largest schoolhouse territory with 334,000 students, portion Broward is the sixth-largest territory with 261,000 students.

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