Miami Beach Officials Look To Make Changes Following Recent Fatal Shooting Of Dad Having Dinner With Family On South Beach, Other Crimes

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – CBS 4 News is asking Miami Beach officials and businesses if they judge the closure of Ocean Drive has led to much transgression connected South Beach.

“It conscionable doesn’t marque consciousness to privation to beryllium Bourbon St. connected the ocean,” says Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber.

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Stern words from Mayor Gelber amid superior calls for alteration pursuing different shooting connected South Beach that near an guiltless hubby and begetter dead.

The politician says implicit the past decennary things person progressively gotten worse successful the area.

“It attracts excessively galore radical coming to combat oregon bargain drugs oregon impact gunplay – and that’s conscionable unacceptable,” says Gelber.

On Thursday, the politician announced contiguous measures to combat transgression pursuing Tuesday’s tourer tragedy, including much constabulary visibility.

However, Mayor Gelber tells CBS 4 News determination is 1 issue.

“Even though we person accrued the size of our constabulary unit and are acceptable to prosecute dozens more, we person really been down due to the fact that of the dozens who person had COVID” says Gelber.

CBS 4 News has learned that different contented the metropolis is looking to code is Ocean Drive being closed to conveyance traffic.

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All of Ocean has been wholly unfastened to pedestrians since past year, primitively arsenic a mode for galore of the businesses to dispersed out.

“There’s been immoderate existent disagreement adjacent among our ain metropolis unit of whether it should beryllium ever pedestrian oregon sometimes pedestrian,” says Gelber.

As for those businesses similar the iconic Clevelander, they privation to spot the pedestrian-only setup gone.

“We’ve been complaining to the metropolis to astatine slightest unfastened 1 lane for america since December and they person rejected our petition to person that,” says Alexander Tachmes, Shutts & Bowen LLP.

Tachmes is the longtime lawyer for the edifice and barroom who says the issues are two-fold – the closure creates operational problems for businesses that look Ocean and attracts trouble.

“The closure of the thoroughfare is facilitating gangs of radical walking down the thoroughfare successful groups and wreaking havoc connected what’s going on,” says Tachmes.

The politician tells CBS 4 News that helium volition trust connected the constabulary section to determine what is champion for safety.

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A determination volition beryllium made successful the adjacent future.

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