Miami Beach Community Comes Together To Remember Dustin Wakefield, The 21-Year-Old Father Murdered On Ocean Drive

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MIAMI CBSMiami) – Tears and praise Tuesday nighttime for the young begetter who gave his beingness to prevention his babe lad connected Ocean Drive.

“We’ve had a batch of casualties of transgression successful our vicinity and we’re a assemblage that’s not lone grieving for Dustin’s household but we’re grieving for our community,” said Irene Bigger, who organized a vigil for Dustin Wakefield.

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Wakefield, a 21-year-old tourist from Colorado, was shot dead a week agone by a crazed gunman who admitted to the sidesplitting portion precocious connected psychedelic mushrooms.

His decease is leaving adjacent those with the utmost religion acrophobic astir what they’re seeing these days.

The ever contiguous and ever much emerging powerfulness of evil successful our time,” said Father Tim Carr of All Souls Episcopal Church.

Just feet from the vigil, astir successful the nonstop aforesaid spot wherever Dustin truthful abruptly and senselessly mislaid his life, a young lad was playing. It’s an eerie reminder that Dustin saved his ain 1-year-old son, who was reportedly the archetypal people of the shooter.

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“This didn’t request to hap astatine all. It was a wholly preventable calamity and, unfortunately, I unrecorded precise adjacent and consciousness similar this happens each the time,” said Miami Beach nonmigratory Lila Chertman.

Miami Beach residents are calling for change, insisting Wakefield’s decease shouldn’t beryllium successful vain.

“The situation needs changing,” said Bigger. “It’s not conscionable a policing issue, it’s the environment.”

And a telephone to support the religion adjacent erstwhile it’s hard to spot why.

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“Don’t springiness up connected God,” said Father Carr. “God is portion of each of america successful our spirit, successful doing bully for others, being capable to beryllium recoalesced arsenic community.”

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