Mark Levin and Jim Jordan Whine That GOP Needs To Get Tough Like Democrats

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One of the tremendous advantages that the GOP enjoys given the media echo chamber, the model for which, they developed, is the ability to create their own reality. Mark Levin often kickstarts the GOP emphasis of the week on his Sunday night shows. Last night, he discussed a fairy tale world where the GOP has been an egalitarian organization dedicated to Jeffersonian democracy and not been “tough” when it comes to redistricting, gerrymandering, and basically being overall “scoundrels” (his word). He believes they’d best get tougher, like the Democrats.

Evidently, Levin has never been to Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, and was in a coma last January, when it seemed like the GOP acted plenty “tough.”  There is a reason states like Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania can vote for Democratic Senators and Joe Biden for president while having super-majority Republican legislatures. The states are gerrymandered AF.

Regardless, Levin had these words of wisdom for the Republicans entering the week. Transcript from Mediaite:

“But there’s also a lot of gerrymandering going on. You see what’s going on in New York, they’re trying to wipe out half at least of the Republican congressmen there. And in Maryland, they’re trying to wipe out the one Republican congressman they have. These things are going on in New Mexico, they’re going on in California.”

A Republican named Tom Delay managed to “disappear” close to ten Democratic seats from Texas in 2003 – a non-census year, some of the Houston districts are so embarrassing that one honestly wonders how they even put them out there.

No, what is happening, and what has Levin (and his guest Jim Jordan) all a tither, is is that the Democrats, having lost in court attempting to stop the Republicans from making such drastic changes have decided they have no choice now but to do a little “work” themselves in some rather large states and “disappear” some Republican districts utilizing anti-democratic software, that can draw districts down to the address. The alternative is simply handing the GOP the House of Representatives. The GOP has a big enough advantage in the Senate, where its “50” Senators represent 70 million fewer people than the “50” Democratic Senators.

Jim Jordan, who would seem to fit anyone’s definition of scoundrel, had this bit of wisdom to drop upon us:

“It’s only gerrymandering when Republicans control the state legislature and draw the districts, but when Democrats do it in like New York, Maryland, California for goodness sake — there’s a lot of Republicans in California but you look at the general assembly in California it’s dominated, dominated by Democrats — but no, no we never hear about that.”

California for goodness sake? Did Jordan see the votes for president out of California? Or the recall? California is as blue as it gets. New York seems to have a Democrat as Governor and is never even close during presidential elections. But let’s look at the “legislatures” to which Trump wanted to send Electoral College votes “back.” As an example; Arizona, Republican legislature, Sec. of State, Governor and yet two blue Senators and voted for Biden, exact same scenario in Georgia, and Wisconsin.

But the big tell is which organizations are the ones bringing court cases to get severe gerrymandering stopped (And losing in front of a conservative court). They are not conservative Republican special interest groups. No, the Democrats have asked the SCOTUS to address severe gerrymandering and it wasn’t to stop themselves from having so much success.

This is scary stuff. The Republican Party is the one that already tried to pull off a coup. Jim Jordan was on the phone with Trump for ten minutes the morning of January 6th. The Republicans have already gerrymandered Texas, North Carolina, Alabama, Ohio, and many others out of recognition. And yet the message going forth is that they need to “match” Democrats’ toughness on the issue? They’ve already resorted to violence, they’re already toying with new Jim Crow laws, what more do they want?

It is scary stuff.

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