Male Dominated Mainstream Media Virtually Ignores SCOTUS Letting Texas Kill Roe v. Wade

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Much of the mainstream media is still nattering on about Afghanistan, as the Supreme Court sat on its hands and allowed Texas to virtually kill Roe v. Wade.

Women Losing The Right To End Their Pregnancies Before Viability Should Be Big News.

The Washington Post reported:

A Texas law that bans most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy went into effect Wednesday, as a midnight deadline for the Supreme Court to stop it came and went without action.

The court could still grant a request from abortion providers to halt the law, one of the nation’s most restrictive. But both the statute’s proponents and opponents had expected word from the high court before the statute went into effect Sept. 1

The law effectively eliminates the guarantee in Roe v. Wade and subsequent Supreme Court decisions that women have a right to end their pregnancies before viability, abortion providers said, and that states may not impose undue burdens on that decision.

The Supreme Court conservative majority’s refusal to act should have been the biggest story in the country this morning.


Many outlets are covering the story as something that happened, but the context is missing.

The White Male-Dominated Corporate Media Ignores Women Again

For weeks now, the nation has seen virtually nothing but white men on cable news talking about Afghanistan, so one would expect panels of women and health care experts talking about the Supreme Court’s failure to act and what it means for women’s health.

Instead, the country gets nothing.

If men were losing a fundamental healthcare right with a new law that would take away control of their own bodies and potentially kill them, cameras would be live everywhere as angry old white men by the dozens would put on their MAGA hats and take it to the streets.

Women are the majority, but most of the people in corporate media who make the decisions outside of MSNBC, are men.

(PoliticusUSA is the only media organization owned by a woman and a person with a disability.)

Democrats in Congress must act to put the right to choose into law, and they shouldn’t wait for a media firestorm to build their case because it’s not coming.

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