M-DCPS & BCPS Could Lose Millions In Funding For Defying State Ban On Mask Mandate

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami and Broward County Public Schools basal to suffer millions of dollars successful backing if a caller connection passes.

“Dade County volition beryllium contributing $41.6 million.  Broward volition beryllium contributing $32 million,” State Rep. Randy Fine, R-53rd District.

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Rep. Fine believes determination should beryllium a punishment for districts that did not travel the state’s prohibition connected a disguise mandate.

“What we’re doing is we’re reducing backing for cardinal bureau administrative positions making $100,000 a twelvemonth oregon more. And, frankly, it’s a just question to ask: Why bash we request 1,600 bureaucrats?” helium asked.

But wherefore is it necessary?

“We expect them to travel the law, their sentiment doesn’t substance erstwhile comes to the law, we walk laws, you travel them we’re a democracy, and erstwhile you don’t person to travel laws you go anarchy,” helium told CBS4.

Fifty-five schoolhouse districts would stock $200 cardinal freed up by the 12 that did not travel the state’s ban.  Miami-Dade and Broward are among them.

“So some counties volition beryllium getting much funding. They won’t beryllium getting arsenic overmuch further backing arsenic they different would, but neither region is really seeing a decrease,” helium said.

According to Fine, the Broward County Public School fund would spell from $2 cardinal to 2.1.  Miami-Dade would alteration from $2.68 to 2.74 billion.

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The full Miami-Dade County Public School Board thinks it is unfair.  Board subordinate Luisa Santos was successful Tallahassee erstwhile Fine projected the measure.

“We are going to beryllium unfairly punished for having stood up for the wellness and well-being of students and teachers.”

Santos said the determination made was based connected aesculapian proposal from experts.

Newly appointed Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Vickie Cartwright called this connection a horrific practice.

“I’m profoundly saddened that that is adjacent nether information due to the fact that that’s taking wealth distant from our children to defund acquisition successful a plethora of ways, and truthful he’s different mode to instrumentality wealth distant from america from being capable to service of assemblage to the champion of our ability.”

Santos plans to instrumentality the combat to lawmakers to halt the penalty.

“It’s simply immoral to instrumentality distant wealth from students and teachers successful the infinitesimal wherever we are facing unprecedented, unfinished learning, that we request to drawback up for,” she added.

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The measure deed the location level adjacent week.

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