Judge To Rule On Parent Lawsuit Over Florida School Mask Mandates

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TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) — A Florida Circuit Court justice is expected to contented his ruling connected Friday connected parents’ lawsuit against Florida’s mask-optional request successful schools.

The Leon County circuit justice heard closing arguments connected Thursday successful a ineligible conflict implicit Gov. Ron DeSantis’ enforcement bid that sought to artifact schoolhouse districts from requiring students to deterioration masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Judge John Cooper said helium was “still wrestling” with the “sophisticated ineligible issues” presented successful the lawsuit and promised to contented a verbal determination astatine 10 a.m. Friday.

DeSantis’ July 30 enforcement order sought to barroom districts from enacting disguise mandates and triggered a authorities Department of Health regularisation that said immoderate pupil disguise requirements indispensable let parents to opt out.

A radical of parents filed the suit challenging DeSantis’ order, alleging successful portion that it violates a conception of the authorities Constitution that requires providing a “uniform, efficient, safe, unafraid and precocious prime system” of nationalist schools.

State Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, the State Board of Education and the authorities Department of Education besides are named arsenic defendants successful the lawsuit.

Craig Whisenhunt, an lawyer representing the parents, made closing arguments Thursday and urged Cooper to regularisation against the state.

“The politician has sought to insert himself into matters of section wellness concerns and impede the quality of schools boards to bash what they are constitutionally mandated to do, which is to run and power their schools,” Whisenhunt argued.

Whisenhunt besides tried to onslaught the credibility of the state’s starring adept witnesser connected the efficacy of masks successful stopping the dispersed of COVID-19, calling Stanford University prof Jay Bhattacharya “an economist with a aesculapian degree.”

Michael Abel, a lawyer representing the state, contended that protecting parents’ close to take whether their children deterioration masks successful schoolhouse preserves “a morganatic authorities interest” and said the governor’s bid besides took into relationship nationalist wellness interests.

“The plaintiffs contend that genitor prime stops erstwhile it comes to nationalist health. The plaintiffs (are) precise clear, it’s 1 oregon the different — nationalist wellness means nary genitor choice,” Abel said. “Now, the defendants contend, and what the grounds has shown, it’s not 1 oregon the other. It’s both. You tin support nationalist wellness and person genitor choice. The governor’s enforcement bid reflects a cautious balancing of those interests.”

DeSantis connected Thursday promised to entreaty if Cooper does not broadside with the state.

“If we triumph successful proceedings court, I’m definite it volition beryllium appealed connected the different broadside too. And truthful that’s good, I deliberation we evidently request to person this worldly crystallized,” DeSantis said, adding that the lawsuit partially hinges connected a caller authorities law. “We consciousness that the Legislature truly made a large connection with their parental measure of rights, and that’s an important portion of legislation.”

The “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” signed by DeSantis successful June, deals with parents’ close to power acquisition and wellness decisions for their children.

DeSantis’ enforcement bid cited the caller law, directing the authorities Department of Health and authorities Department of Education to guarantee immoderate schoolhouse disguise mandates are “in accordance” with the instrumentality and “protect parents’ close to marque decisions regarding masking of their children successful narration to COVID-19.”

The politician besides said helium anticipates a abstracted suit volition beryllium filed by parents who reason schoolhouse disguise mandates.

“I cognize there’s parents who had their rights taken away, who are going to prosecute ineligible action. I deliberation you volition spot that successful immoderate areas,” DeSantis said.

Attorney General Ashley Moody besides weighed successful connected the lawsuit Thursday, appearing alongside DeSantis astatine a property lawsuit successful Orlando.

“We person to support the parents’ quality to take for their children, nether antithetic circumstances. Many of these children person faced antithetic wellness circumstances, and parents should beryllium capable to marque that prime arsenic they are sending their kid disconnected to school,” Moody said.

As Cooper prepares to regularisation successful the lawsuit and some parties brace for a imaginable appeal, astatine slightest 10 region schoolhouse boards person voted to enact disguise mandates that let exceptions lone for children whose parents who tin nutrient doctors’ notes.

Counties with specified disguise requirements present correspond astir fractional of Florida’s 2.8 cardinal students.

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