‘It’s A Big Privilege & I Loved It’: Jordan Hull On Showtime’s ‘The L Word: Generation Q’

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August 20, 2021 astatine 9:17 am

(CBS Local)– Season 2 of “The L Word: Generation: Q” is backmost connected Showtime and the bid has been a large 1 for Jordan Hull. The histrion who plays Angie Porter-Kennard is the youngest of anyone connected the amusement and she has had the accidental to larn from immoderate of the champion performers successful Hollywood similar Jennifer Beals and Rosie O’Donnell.

CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith precocious chatted with Hull astir play 2 of the deed Showtime series, the value of representing queer women of colour and however increasing up successful Iowa and moving to Los Angeles shaped her. A caller occurrence of “The L Word Generation: Q” returns to Showtime this Sunday, August 22 astatine 10pm EST/PST.

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“It’s been truthful overmuch fun. It’s 1 happening to perceive the publication done array reads and each that stuff, but to person it beryllium seen by different radical and to spot each my formed mates bash truly good has been cool,” said Hull. “At archetypal it felt similar a batch of unit due to the fact that they did specified a bully occupation with the archetypal 1 successful opening the doors. Being the youngest, I get to broaden the skyline of what it means to beryllium successful Generation Q. I’ve learned truthful overmuch and it has been truly fun. It’s a large privilege and I loved it a lot.”

“I learned circumstantial etiquette from Jennifer Beals, who plays my ma connected the show, and she has taken the relation of being this mama carnivore connected set, which I emotion much than anything,” said Hull. “I conscionable learned a batch astir holding my ain and speaking for what feels close and to bash my occupation well.”

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In summation to Beals, Hull has besides learned a batch from Rosie O’Donnell, who plays Carrie connected the show. The histrion inactive can’t judge that she got the accidental to enactment with idiosyncratic similar O’Donnell and besides is amazed however her quality is shaping the adjacent procreation of queer women of color.

“It’s astir time. It’s truly chill due to the fact that you conscionable get to spot that it is truthful overmuch much complex,” said Hull. “It conscionable has antithetic layers, truthful to beryllium capable to amusement that is timely. The fanbase is precise passionate and I utilized to person societal media and Instagram, but it was truthful chill and overwhelming that I got off. I didn’t truly cognize however to grip it.”

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Stream “The L Word: Generation: Q” connected Showtime.

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