‘It Is Stressful & Disheartening’: COVID-19 Cases Taking Toll On Healthcare Workers

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – In Florida, wherever much than 20,000 radical a time connected mean are investigating affirmative for the COVID-19 virus, determination are alarming caller statistic from the Florida Hospital Association. The radical says 3 retired of 4 hospitals are expecting unit shortages wrong 1 week.

Right now, lone 8 percent of ICU beds are disposable successful the state, and much than 17-thousand radical are being treated for COVID-19 astatine our hospitals. At the halfway of this caller surge, healthcare workers, who are erstwhile again dealing with carnal and intelligence exhaustion.

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“The information that immoderate of these radical cannot clasp their loved one’s hands is heartbreaking,” said an affectional nurse, asking radical to get a COVID–19 vaccine arsenic the Delta variant continues to surge crossed South Florida.

“It is scary to spot idiosyncratic my property successful present with breathing tubes and lines everyplace you tin deliberation of. Just precocious we had a young woman, pregnant,” she added.

Friday, Florida surpassed 3 cardinal COVID-19 cases since the opening of the pandemic.

The state’s Health Department reported 1,486 caller deaths successful a week and hospitalization rates are rising.

16,849 radical were reported successful hospitals with COVID-19 connected Friday with 3,500 of them successful intensive care.  That is adjacent to 1,000 caller cases wrong a week.

Dr. Meera Nasir said the bulk are successful their 20s and 30s, including large women. 95 percent of them unvaccinated.

“It has been stressful. It is disheartening. Everyone, bash it for yourselves and your loved ones, spell retired and get vaccinated. Really this is the unfastened limb we person close now,” said Dr. Meera Nasir, an OBGYN aesculapian manager astatine South Miami Hospital.

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Mary Mayhew, President and CEO of Florida Hospital Association, said 3 retired of 4 Florida hospitals expect to look captious unit shortages successful the adjacent 7 days.

“They are bringing unit successful from different states. They are utilizing contracted staffing. Some hospitals had to person auditoriums, cafeterias to conscionable diligent demand.”

And the hospitals are not conscionable filled with COVID patients.

“We person a overmuch higher measurement of critically ill, non-COVID patients. We person a terrible staffing shortage. That Florida is not unique. There is simply a workforce shortage astir the country. But it is the operation of those factors that is stretching the system, straining the system. And of course, astatine the extremity of the day, we person healthcare front-line heroes who person been responding to this pandemic present for implicit 18 months. So, the carnal and intelligence wellness exhaustion and now, of course, the trauma of what they are seeing particularly with these younger individuals who are ending up acutely sick successful the hospital,” said Mayhew.

CBS4 reached retired to section hospitals to inquire astir the unit shortage.

The Baptist Health System said, “We person engaged astir 250 situation unit crossed our entities implicit the past 2 weeks.”

No different South Florida hospitals responded to our petition for information.

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Preventative vaccinations are the astir effectual means to combat COVID-19 infections, and the US Food and Drug Administration volition apt o.k. the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine astir the extremity of August, erstwhile FDA Commissioner Dr. Mark McClellan said Thursday. Current vaccines person been granted exigency usage authorization.

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