‘In Tua We Trust’: Miami Dolphins Head Coach Supports Starting QB Amid Deshaun Watson Speculation

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – “In Tua we trust.”

That is the connection from the Miami Dolphins locker country pursuing rumors of the team’s involvement successful Texans backmost Deshaun Watson.

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The team’s second-year person is getting plentifulness of enactment up of his Week 1 matchup against erstwhile Alabama teammate Mac Jones.

The mindset is each astir New England wherever the Miami Dolphins’ play opens a week from Sunday.

Despite the ballot of confidence, Miami Dolphins caput manager Brian Flores continued to tract backmost questions Wednesday.

He was asked point-blank if Tua volition beryllium his Week 1 starter.

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“And I don’t cognize however galore times, I don’t cognize however overmuch much wide I tin beryllium here. Tua is simply a starter. I mean, bash I request to accidental it again? I will,” said Flores.

The full roster got the connection successful a squad meeting.

Last week, Flores’ vague effect of commercialized rumors astir Watson lone fueled speculation that possibly the Dolphins were not wholly sold connected Tua.

But Tagovailoa has gone astir his concern with a precise coagulated preseason. Tagovailoa spoke to CBS4 astatine magnitude astir the enactment helium feels from manager Flores.

“It means a batch with it coming from the caput coach. You know, the enactment I person from him, from the team. It means a lot. But, you know, for maine I’m conscionable focused connected trying to get our guys acceptable for adjacent week,” said Tagovailoa.

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“We beauteous overmuch speech each day. You cognize whether it’s a backstage speech successful his bureau oregon a backstage speech to the broadside earlier signifier starts. Whatever it whitethorn be. We’re ever talking,” helium added.

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