Ida Weakens, Three Other Systems To Keep An Eye On, None Threaten South Florida

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Ida made landfall on the southeast seashore of the Gulf Of Mexico arsenic a beardown Category 4 Hurricane connected Sunday, the 16th day of Hurricane Katrina.

As of Monday morning, Ida had weakened to a tropical tempest and was moving northbound implicit southwestern Mississippi. Dangerous tempest surge and flash flooding proceed implicit portions of southeastern Louisiana, confederate Mississippi, and confederate Alabama.

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The halfway of Ida volition determination farther inland implicit southwestern Mississippi connected Monday and weaken to a depression. Ida is past forecast to determination implicit cardinal and northeastern Mississippi connected Monday day and night, and determination crossed the Tennessee Valley connected Tuesday. Ida is expected to weaken to an extra-tropical cyclone aboriginal this week arsenic it moves towards the Mid-Atlantic.

Tropical tempest winds volition proceed implicit portions of Louisiana, confederate Mississippi, and confederate Alabama done aboriginal Monday afternoon. Through Tuesday morning, Ida volition nutrient further rainfall totals of 4 to 8 with localized higher amounts imaginable crossed portions of southeast Louisiana into acold confederate Mississippi. Storm full rainfall accumulations of 10 to 18 inches with isolated maximum amounts of 24 inches are expected.

Heavy rainfall combined with tempest surge has resulted successful catastrophic impacts on the southeast seashore of Louisiana with life-threatening flash flooding and important stream flooding continuing farther inland.

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Elsewhere successful the Tropics, the CBS4 Weather squad is monitoring a fewer areas, but determination are nary threats to South Florida astatine this time.

Tropical Depression #10, located astir 775 miles east-northeast of the Leeward Islands, volition proceed moving northbound and past gradually crook northwest by Wednesday. It is forecast to enactment successful the unfastened waters of the Atlantic.

A tropical question adjacent the westbound seashore of Africa is expected to determination implicit the eastbound tropical Atlantic connected Monday. The National Hurricane Center said this question has a precocious imaginable for development. Environmental conditions look conducive for the improvement of a low-pressure country erstwhile the question moves offshore and a tropical slump is apt to signifier by mid to precocious week portion the strategy moves west-northwest astatine 10 to 15 mph implicit the Eastern Atlantic.

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A wide country of debased unit is forecast to signifier successful the confederate Caribbean implicit the adjacent respective days. The National Hurricane Center said this strategy has a debased imaginable for improvement implicit the adjacent 5 days. Environmental conditions look to beryllium favorable for immoderate improvement by the extremity of the week. It is expected to determination west-northwest oregon northwest astatine 5 to 10 mph implicit the occidental Caribbean Sea adjacent to the eastbound seashore of Central America.

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