Hurricanes Ida, Katrina Devastate Southeast Louisiana 16 Years Apart

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Hurricane Ida made landfall precisely 16 years to the time aft Hurricane Katrina devasted New Orleans and the Northern Gulf Coast. While each tempest oregon hurricane is antithetic successful structure, path, and destruction, it is hard not to comparison Hurricane Ida to Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina was a monstrous tempest that formed implicit the cardinal Bahamas arsenic a tropical slump and rapidly strengthened to a class 1 hurricane earlier making landfall successful South Florida. Katrina past downgraded to a tropical tempest but erstwhile it emerged into the Gulf of Mexico, it regained hurricane status. Katrina continued to fortify arsenic it tracked implicit the precise lukewarm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and yet became a class 5 hurricane with winds of astatine slightest 160 mph.

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Hurricane Ida, however, formed implicit the Caribbean Sea astir 100 miles southwest of Jamaica, arsenic a tropical depression. Then Ida strengthened to class 1 hurricane earlier moving crossed occidental Cuba. Ida impacted these parts of Cuba with maximum sustained winds of 81 mph. Ida past emerged into the Gulf waters arsenic it tracked northwesterly and rapidly intensified to a large hurricane wrong 24 hours.

Ida went from a class 1 Hurricane during the precocious greeting connected Saturday, August 28th, to a unsafe class 4 hurricane overnight into Sunday morning.

The landfalls betwixt Hurricane Ida and Hurricane Katrina were antithetic but awfully excessively adjacent successful resemblance.

Hurricane Ida made landfall Sunday, August 29th, astatine 11:55 americium CDT adjacent Port Fourchon successful southeastern Louisiana. Port Fourchon is located 18 miles southwest of Grand Isle and astir 60 miles southbound of New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina made landfall connected the aforesaid date, August 29th, conscionable 45 miles southeast of New Orleans with the storm’s oculus implicit Buras successful Plaquemines Parish, LA. Katrina’s landfall occurred earlier successful the greeting astatine astir 6:10 americium CDT.

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While Ida and Katrina made landfall arsenic large hurricanes, Ida was stronger astatine landfall than Katrina. Hurricane Katrina did scope class 5 status, but this happened implicit the Gulf water. So by the clip Katrina made landfall, the hurricane had rapidly weakened down to a class 3 with maximum sustained winds of 126 mph.

Unlike Hurricane Ida which made landfall arsenic a class 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph.

When it comes to the authoritative tempest surge reports from Hurricane Ida, those are not yet known arsenic of Monday afternoon, but meteorologists astatine the National Hurricane Center had forecast for up to 16 feet of surge from Port Fourchon, LA to the Mouth of the Mississippi River and up to 12 feet for Lake Borgne which is eastbound of New Orleans and Lake Pontchartrain.

Hurricane Katrina officially produced a 26-foot tempest surge successful Mississippi’s seashore from Gulfport to Biloxi. In New Orleans, the tempest surge occurred aft the levees systems broke and truthful by August 30th, 1 time aft landfall, 80% of the metropolis was nether astatine slightest 20 feet of water.

It is inactive excessively soon aft Hurricane Ida’s landfall to cognize the grade of the harm near down but Hurricane Katrina outgo the United States $160 cardinal successful harm and took the lives of 1,833 people.

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