How To Play CBS Miami’s Pro Football Knockout Pool

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August 31, 2021 astatine 10:45 am

(CBS Local)- The shot play is close astir the country which means it’s clip to brushwood up connected your knowledge. As you’re preparing to cheer connected your favourite squad this fall, wherefore not enactment that cognition to the trial successful our Pro Football Knockout Pool?

The crippled is unrecorded connected our tract and you tin registry to play right here. Once you motion up, the crippled is simple. Pick the squad that you deliberation is simply a fastener to triumph that week. If they win, you enactment successful and prime a caller squad adjacent week. Repeat that process passim the full play and you’ll person a changeable to triumph $1,000!

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If the squad you prime loses, you’re knocked into the Second Chance Pool with a changeable astatine $250. Continue picking the squad you deliberation is astir apt to triumph each week. If you suffer again, you’re knocked retired of the running. This is simply a nationalist contest.

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For much quality and investigation from the league, beryllium definite to cheque retired the Sports conception of your section site.

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If you request a refresher connected however to login, cheque retired the video above!

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